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Understand how carmakers are positioned in Smart and Shared Mobility across 10 business models and learn about the strategies, investments, partnerships and roadmaps of leading carmakers in ride-hailing, car- sharing, micro-mobility, EV charging among other business models.Assess the techno-commercial readiness level of Mobility-as-a-Service will evolve by 2030 in China, Germany, California and India.

 2021-06-12 |  Smart, Connected & Autonomous Mobility |  Auto2x

Auto2x Perspectives in Electrification 2025

This report focuses on how leading carmakers are developing and executing their strategies to lead the new era of electrified mobility. It also provides insights on how their model range and sales’ mix by powertrain will change between 2015 and 2025 and what their market shares will be in electrified car sales in Europe, USA, China and Japan by 2025. This report focuses on how leading carmakers are developing and executing their strategies to better position themselves in the new era of elect...

 2020-11-01 |  Automotive |  Auto2x

Auto2x Perspectives: Automated Driving 2025

Our report leverages insights from our 4 reports related to Automated Driving: Carmakers’ Automated Driving Roadmaps 2025; Rankings & market shares of Top Tier-1 ADAS Suppliers by 2020; Regulatory guide to Autonomous Driving, Automotive Cyber Security & V2X; and Automotive Cyber Security 2025: the Secure Connected Car, to identify emerging trends in autonomous vehicle deployment, winning carmakers and suppliers and adoption roadmaps.

 2020-10-01 |  ADAS & Autonomous Driving |  Auto2x

Automotive Cyber Security 2025: the Secure Connected Car

Our report examines the current demand and supply status, including the regulatory status and offerings from leading companies in Automotive Cyber Security, and delivers forecasts on the development of the global Automotive Cyber Security market for passenger cars over the next decade, coupled with insightful interviews with leading cybersecurity vendors.Read insights from the 7 interviews with buzzing cyber security startups.

 2020-10-01 |  Connectivity |  Auto2x

Regulatory guide to Autonomous Driving, Automotive Cyber Security & V2X

Deployment of Level 3 automated driving is subject to regional regulatory approval. This report analyses the regulatory landscape for the transition from Supervised to Unsupervised-Driving (SAE Level 4-5) to allow deployment of higher levels of autonomy in Europe, USA, China, Japan and other markets. Since the future is also Secure and Connected, our analysis also provides a regulatory guide on Automotive Cyber Security and V2X (V2V-V2I).

 2023-02-15 |  ADAS & Autonomous Driving, Connectivity |  Auto2x

Rankings & market shares of Top Tier-1 ADAS Suppliers by 2020

ADAS penetration rates are expected to increase significantly due to regulation, safety rating systems, lower cost of sensors or implementation. Rising penetration will boost revenues for automotive suppliers and contribute significantly to their profitability. This report examines the rankings and market shares of the Top-ADAS hardware component suppliers (radar, cameras, Lidar, ultrasonic sensors) in 2015-20 by ADAS revenues, radar, camera and lidar across major geographies. Additionally, we p...

 2020-10-01 |  ADAS & Autonomous Driving |  Auto2x

30 Carmakers’ roadmaps in Automated Driving by 2025: leading carmakers’ roadmap and strategy to commercialize Autonomous Driving

This report examines the current status of ADAS deployment and the future driver assistance portfolio of 30 leading brands, the engineering and regulatory challenges for high levels of autonomy and the business models to overcome them. We also provide technological roadmaps for the introduction of Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 driving and parking features by leading OEM by 2025. Finally, you will find penetration forecasts of cars equipped with different levels of autonomy over the next decade in...

 2020-10-01 |  ADAS & Autonomous Driving |  Auto2x

Intelligent, Autonomous & Secure Car Report Portfolio

Our Intelligent, Secure & Autonomous car report portfolio delivers the strategy and roadmap of 30 carmakers to reach Full-automation with detailed deployment forecasts in Europe, USA, China and Japan, segmented into driving and parking features. It also provides analysis and rankings of the capabilities of major Tier1 Suppliers of ADAS sensors and features with forward-looking ranking of ADAS leadership, such as technology and AD revenues. Finally, we map the evolution of regulation for Connecte...

 2020-10-01 |  ADAS & Autonomous Driving, Connectivity |  Auto2x


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