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Boron Nitride and Hot Pressed Shapes Market

Boron Nitride and Hot Pressed Shapes Market-Industry Trends & Forecasts Upto 2023

Report code: SDMRCH499879 | Industry: Chemicals & Materials | Published On: 2019-07-06

The boron nitride market will reach 8.6 million tons by 2023 growing at a CAGR of 5.0 from 2018-2023. Boron Nitride and boron carbide are the major compounds. Boron Nitride market possess various high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, good thermal shock resistance, high electrical resistance, and high electrical resistance. The major factors contributing towards the growth are increasing demand from coating, mold industry, electrical industry, ceramics, and industrial
In 2018, North America captured the largest share in boron nitride the market where as Asia Pacific will grow at a highest growth rate of 5.3% from 2018-2023. IN 2017, USA captured the largest market share in the boron nitride market. Emerging economies such as Middle East & South America will experience a CAGR % mainly due to growing industrialization, expansion of manufacturing facilities and stable economic growth.
In 2017, the coating application captured the major market share in the boron nitride market. The applications of boron nitride are coating and mold/die release, electrical insulation, industrial lubrication, composites, cosmetics, lubricant food grade, paints, thermal spray and other. In coatings, they are mainly used in molds, troughs, furnace linings and light-metal applications. In aerospace, it is used in thermal spray coatings, in turbine engines, dynamic friction materials, and erosion resistant coatings.
The company are focusing on expanding their production capacity all the major applications. The major players in the boron nitride powder market are 3M Technical Ceramics / ESK Ceramics, Accuratus Corporation, American Elements, Aremco Products Inc., Atlantic Equipment Engineers, Bayvile Chemical Supply, Bent Tree Industries, Boron Compounds Limited, BORTEK, Ceramic Substrates and Components Limited, Chengdu Huarui Industrial Limited, Dengchang Chemical Engineering Institute, Dangong Chemical Engineering Institute (DCEI), Denka Denki Kagaya Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, GoodFellow, H.C.Starck GmbH, Henze Boron Nitride Products AG, JSC ‘’Zaporozhsky Abrasivny Combinat’’, Kennametal, Kolortek Co., Ltd., Kurt J.Lesker Company and Others

1.  Introduction

2.  Executive  Summary

3.  Boron  Nitride  Powder  &  Hot  Pressed  Shapes  Overview
3.1.  Introduction
3.2.  Key  characteristics
3.3.  Key  benefits
3.4.  Production  process
3.5.  Property  comparison
3.6.  Product  life  cycle  analysis
3.7.  Environmental  impact
3.8.  Value  Chain  analysis
3.9.  Porter  five  forces  analysis
3.10.  DROC
3.10.1.  Drivers
3.10.2.  Restraints
3.10.3.  Opportunities
3.10.4.  Challenges

4.  Boron  Nitride  Powder  
4.1.  Market  analysis  by  Region
4.1.1.  Current  market  for  the  year  2016  North  America  Western  Europe  Eastern  Europe  Asia  Rest  of  the  world
4.1.2.  Forecast  from  2017  to  2022  North  America  Western  Europe  Eastern  Europe  Asia  Rest  of  the  world
4.2.  Market  analysis  by  segments
4.2.1.  Coating  and  mold  /  die  release  Introduction  Application  details  Current  Market  scenario  for  2016  Forecast  from  2017  to  2022  Key  growth  drivers  Key  constraints  for  growth
4.2.2.  Electrical  Insulation  Introduction  Application  details  Current  Market  scenario  for  2016  Forecast  from  2017  to  2022  Key  growth  drivers  Key  constraints  for  growth
4.2.3.  Industrial  Lubrication  Introduction  Application  details  Current  Market  scenario  for  2016  Forecast  from  2017  to  2022  Key  growth  drivers  Key  constraints  for  growth
4.2.4.  Composites  Introduction  Application  details  Current  Market  scenario  for  2016  Forecast  from  2017  to  2022  Key  growth  drivers  Key  constraints  for  growth
4.2.5.  Cosmetics  Introduction  Application  details  Current  Market  scenario  for  2016  Forecast  from  2017  to  2022  Key  growth  drivers  Key  constraints  for  growth
4.2.6.  Lubrication  food  grade  Introduction  Application  details  Current  Market  scenario  for  2016  Forecast  from  2017  to  2022  Key  growth  drivers  Key  constraints  for  growth
4.2.7.  Paints  Introduction  Application  details  Current  Market  scenario  for  2016  Forecast  from  2017  to  2022  Key  growth  drivers  Key  constraints  for  growth
4.2.8.  Thermal  spray  Introduction  Application  details  Current  Market  scenario  for  2016  Forecast  from  2017  to  2022  Key  growth  drivers  Key  constraints  for  growth
4.2.9.  Boron  Nitride  Powder  pricing  analysis  Current  price  by  region  Expected  price  in  next  5  years  Price  drivers  Constraints

5.  Boron  Nitride  Hot  Pressed  Shapes  
5.1.  Market  Analysis  by  Region
5.1.1.  Current  market  for  the  year  2016  North  America  Western  Europe  Eastern  Europe  Asia  Rest  of  the  world
5.1.2.  Forecast  from  2017  to  2022  North  America  Western  Europe  Eastern  Europe  Asia  Rest  of  the  world
5.2.  Market  Analysis  by  Segments
5.2.1.  High  temperature  applications  Introduction  Application  details  Current  Market  scenario  for  2016  Forecast  from  2017  to  2022  Key  growth  drivers  Key  constraints  for  growth
5.2.2.  Thermal  management  for  electronic  devices  Introduction  Application  details  Current  Market  scenario  for  2016  Forecast  from  2017  to  2022  Key  growth  drivers  Key  constraints  for  growth
5.2.3.  Molten  metal  handling  Introduction  Application  details  Current  Market  scenario  for  2016  Forecast  from  2017  to  2022  Key  growth  drivers  Key  constraints  for  growth
5.2.4.  Others  Introduction  Application  details  Current  Market  scenario  for  2016  Forecast  from  2017  to  2022  Key  growth  drivers  Key  constraints  for  growth
5.3.  Boron  Nitride  Hot  Pressed  Shapes  by  binder  type
5.3.1.  Boric  oxide
5.3.2.  Diffusion  Bonded
5.3.3.  Calcium  Borate
5.4.  Boron  Nitride  Powder  Hot  Pressed  Shapes  pricing  analysis
5.4.1.  Current  price  by  region
5.4.2.  Expected  price  in  next  5  years
5.4.3.  Price  drivers
5.4.4.  Constraints

6.  Competitive  Benchmarking
6.1.  Company  Profile-Details
6.1.1.  Company  introduction
6.1.2.  SWOT  analysis  in  terms  of  Boron  Nitride
6.1.3.  Financials*
6.1.4.  Employee  and  R&D  details**
6.1.5.  Products  offerings
6.1.6.  Plant  locations
6.1.7.  Installed  capacity  and  utilisation  rates  Capacity  expansion  plans  Capacity  shares  Market  shares
6.1.8.  Strategic  imperatives
6.1.9.  Export  destinations
6.1.10.  Key  Players  3M  Technical  Ceramics  /  ESK  Ceramics  Accuratus  Corporation  American  Elements  Aremco  Products  Inc.  Atlantic  Equipment  Engineers  Bayvile  Chemical  Supply  Bent  Tree  Industries  Boron  Compounds  Limited  BORTEK  Ceramic  Substrates  and  Components  Limited  Chengdu  Huarui  Industrial  Limited  Dengchang  Chemical  Engineering  Institute  Dangong  Chemical  Engineering  Institute  (DCEI)  Denka  Denki  Kagaya  Kogyo  Kabushiki  Kaisha  GoodFellow  H.C.Starck  GmbH  Henze  Boron  Nitride  Products  AG  JSC  ‘’Zaporozhsky  Abrasivny  Combinat’’  Kennametal  Kolortek  Co.,  Ltd.  Kurt  J.Lesker  Company  Lisoning  Pengda  Technology  Co.,  Ltd  Lower  friction/M.K.  IMPEX  CORP  Mizushima  Ferroalloy  Co.,  Ltd.  Momentive  Performance  Materials  Inc.  National  Nitride  Technologies  Co.,  Ltd.  &  Others
We  have  profiled  around  50+  players.
SDMR employs a three way data triangulation approach to arrive at market estimates. We use primary research, secondary research and data triangulation by top down and bottom up approach

Secondary Research:
Our research methodology involves in-depth desk research using various secondary sources. Data is gathered from association/government publications/databases, company websites, press releases, annual reports/presentations/sec filings, technical papers, journals, research papers, magazines, conferences, tradeshows, and blogs.

Key Data Points through secondary research-
Macro-economic data points
Import Export data
Identification of major market trends across various applications
Primary understanding of the industry for both the regions
Competitors analysis for the production capacities, key production sites, competitive landscape
Key customers
Production Capacity
Pricing Scenario
Cost Margin Analysis

Key Data Points through primary research-
Major factors driving the market and its end application markets
Comparative analysis and customer analysis
Regional presence
Collaborations or tie-ups
Annual Production, and sales
Profit Margins
Average Selling Price

Data Triangulation:
Data triangulation is done using top down and bottom approaches. However, to develop accurate market sizing estimations, both the methodologies are used to accurately arrive at the market size. Insert Image
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