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IOT Managed Services Market

IOT Managed Services Market By Type (Managed Security Services, Managed Device Services, Managed Network Services, Infrastructure), Vertical (Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, 5.5.

Report code: SDMRIC499891 | Industry: ICT | Published On: 7/6/2019

IoT (Internet of Things) provides immense growth opportunity for managed service providers. Rising digital technology in the connected world will involve nearly 33 billion by 2023 and in this connected world managed services would be a critical component. Rising adoption of smart technologies in various verticals has generated IoT technologies. Moreover, growing number of connected devices will generate high demand for managed services. The IoT ecosystem includes devices, security, applications, connectivity and a properly managed service is required to manage these in an effective way. Further, to run the IoT technologies successfully, a properly managed service in each layer of IoT ecosystem is required.

IoT Managed Services Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23% during the forecast period 2018–2024. The market is growing due to the expansion of IoT throughout worldwide. IoT Managed Services Market is segmented by: managed Service Types, Verticals, and Regions. The major players included in this report such as Google, Apple, IBM, AT&T, Intel, Microsoft, Accenture, and many more.

The major drivers included in this report like digital technologies, government initiatives, changing business models, increased IT spending on security services, and many more. Additionally, the report providers a deep drive analysis to improve their current business approach by offering strategic intelligence about the competition.

North America and Europe will continue to capture the largest share throughout 2023. Asia-Pacific region is expected to be an emerging market in the next five years mainly due to higher adoption of cloud computing, increasing investments in innovation & technology, and government initiatives supporting the IoT Managed Services.

This report offers one of the major services which is going to play a major role in IoT market during the forecasted year. Moreover, this report can also tailored as per the requirement by the users, and also available with deeper segmentation by regions, countries, verticals, and vendor profiling. Some of the major players in this market are Oracle Corporation, Microsoft Corporation Accenture Plc, Google Inc., Apple Inc, SAP, Intel Security Group, IBM, Cisco Systems Inc, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., Cisco Systems, HCL technologies, Wipro Limited, and Tech Mahindra.

1.  Introduction
1.1.  Goal  &  Objective
1.2.  Report  Coverage
1.3.  Research  Methodology

2.  Executive  Summary

3.  Market  Outlook    
3.1.  Introduction
3.2.  Current  &  Future  Outlook
3.3.  DROC
3.3.1.  Drivers
3.3.2.  Restraints
3.3.3.  Opportunities
3.3.4.  Challenges
3.4.  Value  Chain  &  Ecosystem  

4.  IOT  Managed  Services  Market,  By  Type
4.1.  Introduction
4.2.  Managed  Security  Services
4.2.1.  Market  Size  &  Forecasts,  2018-2025
4.3.  Managed  Device  Services
4.3.1.  Market  Size  &  Forecasts,  2018-2025
4.4.  Managed  Network  Services
4.4.1.  Market  Size  &  Forecasts,  2018-2025
4.5.  Infrastructure  Services
4.5.1.  Market  Size  &  Forecasts,  2018-2025

5.  IOT  Managed  Services  Market,  By  Vertical
5.1.  Introduction
5.2.  Retail  
5.2.1.  Market  Size  &  Forecasts,  2018-2025
5.3.  Manufacturing
5.3.1.  Market  Size  &  Forecasts,  2018-2025
5.4.  Healthcare
5.4.1.  Market  Size  &  Forecasts,  2018-2025
5.5.  IT  &  Telecom
5.5.1.  Market  Size  &  Forecasts,  2018-2025
5.6.  Banking  &  Financial  Services  (BFSI)
5.6.1.  Market  Size  &  Forecasts,  2018-2025
5.7.  Transport
5.7.1.  Market  Size  &  Forecasts,  2018-2025
5.8.  Others
5.8.1.  Market  Size  &  Forecasts,  2018-2025

6.  IOT  Managed  Services  Market  Analysis,  By  Region
6.1.  North  America
6.1.1.  U.S.A
6.1.2.  Canada
6.1.3.  Mexico
6.2.  Asia-Pacific
6.2.1.  India
6.2.2.  Japan
6.2.3.  China
6.2.4.  South  Korea
6.2.5.  Australia  &  New  Zealand
6.2.6.  Others
6.3.  Europe  
6.3.1.  Germany
6.3.2.  UK
6.3.3.  Sweden
6.3.4.  France
6.3.5.  Italy
6.3.6.  Others
6.4.  Middle  East  &  Africa  
6.4.1.  GCC  Qatar  UAE  Oman  Bahrain  Kuwait  
6.4.2.  Africa
6.5.  South  America
6.5.1.  Brazil
6.5.2.  Argentina
6.5.3.  Others

7.  Supply  Market  Analysis
7.1.  Strategic  Benchmarking
7.2.  Market  Share  Analysis
7.3.  Key  Players
7.3.1.  Oracle  Corporation,  
7.3.2.  Microsoft  Corporation  
7.3.3.  Accenture  Plc.
7.3.4.  Google  Inc.
7.3.5.  Apple  Inc.
7.3.6.  SAP
7.3.7.  IBM
7.3.8.  Intel  Security  Group
7.3.9.  Cisco  Systems  Inc.
7.3.10.  Hewlett  Packard  Enterprise  Co.
7.3.11.  HCL  technologies
7.3.12.  Wipro  Limited
7.3.13.  Tech  Mahindra
7.3.14.  Almatis  GmbH
7.3.15.  Zircar  &  Others
SDMR employs a three way data triangulation approach to arrive at market estimates. We use primary research, secondary research and data triangulation by top down and bottom up approach


Secondary Research:
Our research methodology involves in-depth desk research using various secondary sources. Data is gathered from association/government publications/databases, company websites, press releases, annual reports/presentations/sec filings, technical papers, journals, research papers, magazines, conferences, tradeshows, and blogs.

Key Data Points through secondary research-
Macro-economic data points
Import Export data
Identification of major market trends across various applications
Primary understanding of the industry for both the regions
Competitors analysis for the production capacities, key production sites, competitive landscape
Key customers
Production Capacity
Pricing Scenario
Cost Margin Analysis

Key Data Points through primary research-
Major factors driving the market and its end application markets
Comparative analysis and customer analysis
Regional presence
Collaborations or tie-ups
Annual Production, and sales
Profit Margins
Average Selling Price

Data Triangulation:
Data triangulation is done using top down and bottom approaches. However, to develop accurate market sizing estimations, both the methodologies are used to accurately arrive at the market size. Insert Image
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