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Our Syndicate Research Process

SDMR is one of the leading market research and consulting company which helps client in achieving progressive growth in current and disruptive market which is heavily impacted by niche and mega trends, innovative business models, competitive environment in terms of both supply and demand market. Supply side market is impacted by capacity, cost margin, profit margin, disruptive technologies, policies, competition and regulation. Demand side market is impacted by customer expectation, end use trends, price, regional demands and trends, macro-economic factors and micro economic factors.

 Our Strength – Our Consultant Network, Experts and the Quality Process

Our exclusive network of consultant and market researchers will help our clients in understanding the complete intricacies and nuances of demand side and supply markets. Our methodology framework is precise and foolproof which will allow our clients to access understand the supply side and demand side methodology of market estimation. Our quality assurance process involving experience experts from industry and institution ensure the accuracy and the depth of market segmentation captured. Our experts will help our clients understanding supply side and dynamics which includes capacity, utilization, SWOT, supply chain dynamics, cost margin, location prominence, technology, procurement dynamics, policy shift, regulatory changes, demand shift, customer shift, microeconomics and macroeconomic dynamics pricing dynamics

 CPGM (Client Progressive Growth Model) – SDMR’s Value Proposition

 Strategy & Planning

Our CPGM synergy program offers client a progressive edge in creating growth vision, strategy and mission through our comprehensive range of growth initiative offerings. The synergic partnership offerings covers wide range of market attributes such as opportunity analysis, product pipeline analysis, supply chain and distribution strategies, scenario analysis, competitive strategy, market entry strategies, new segment strategy, new product development, marketing strategy, mergers and acquisition and sales strategy.


Customers are the prime reason for the business to progress. Our network and relationship across various industries helps our clients to plan a decisive strategy for customer centric progressive growth by innovative as well as through proven means involves customer centric strategies that encompasses brand recognition and augmentation, customer acquisition, repackaging existing brands and portfolios, customer need identification and incorporating such need attributes in existing product and brand portfolio, voice of customer, customer shift analysis, potential and prospective customers, customer engagement channels, improving marketing and sales content, brand positioning strategies, enhancing networking and internet strategies, enhancing brand value propositions and brand recognition channels.


The competition matrix of CPGM program enables the client to evaluate themselves with respect to their position in the current dynamic, turbulent and disruptive scenario. Not just Competitive Matrix of CPGM program, our experts will also help our clients ins in assessing and analyzing using predictive and descriptive tools such as critical capabilities framework, perceptual maps, Success Pattern analysis, 7S, SWOT, Benchmarking Matrix and Quadrants, War Game, Scenario Planning and analysis, Delphi, and others.

The analysis provided by CPGM program will help our clients to understand key competitive requirements, analyze data and develop tailor made competitive strategy pertaining to market expansion, defending current market share, market share expansion, market challenger, market follower, niche market player, market leader and market attractiveness.

 Technology, R & D and Production

We believe that the value proposition our client get through this program is enormous. Our in depth knowledge across depth and breadth of segments across value chain right from supply side to the end use demand segment enable clients to understand device current scenario and the future technology roadmap, technology innovation, licensing and IP. Ultimately, the CPGM program will help the clients to monetize their technology efficiently and thereby will create a definite edge in the current production optimization will help our client leverage and monetize their technology and IP through structured and innovative means.


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