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Global Laser Sensor Market, By Type (Digital Laser Sensor and Other ), By Application (Level Sensing, Web Tension Control, General Conveyance Detection ), Company (Fiso Technologies, Prime Photonics, Banner, Bayspec, Omron, LaserTechnology, Keyence, Ifm, Acuity, JENOPTIK LAP,MTI Instruments)-Global Trends & Forecasts Upto 2025...

Global Laser Sensor Market, By Type (Digital Laser Sensor and Other ), By Application (Level Sensing, Web Tension Control, General Conveyance Detection ), Company (Fiso Technologies, Prime Photonics, Banner, Bayspec, Omron, LaserTechnology, Keyence, Ifm, Acuity, JENOPTIK LAP,MTI Instruments)-Global Trends & Forecasts Upto 2025

Report code: SDMRSE139278 | Industry: Semiconductor | Published On: 6/2/2019

The global Laser Sensor Market is estimated to account for market value of USD 248 million in 2018, growing at a CAGR of 10%, to reach around USD 400 million by 2023. This report also provides historical (2013-2017) and forecast (2018-2023) revenue of the market segments and sub-segments with respect to four main geographies and their countries- North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Rest of the World. The key driver for the growth of laser sensor market includes the rising usage of CMOS displacement sensor. Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) optical displacement sensors cost lesser than laser displacement sensors that are better than traditional displacement sensors and are suitable for thickness measurements. Features such as immune to temperature and acoustic variations, low sensitivity to target conductivity and magnetization, and availability of higher resolution and faster response times will drive the growth of this industrial sensors market. This in turn, is expected to boost the growth of the laser sensors market during the forecast period.

Major concerns faced by the players in laser sensor market comprise the stringent regulations set by regulatory bodies, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and American National Standard Institute (ANSI). These regulations need to be strictly followed by all sensor manufacturing companies in the US. Additionally, these agencies have several regulations in place owing to different working environments. However, major complications arise due to the differences in terms of regulations from industry to industry and from region to region. For a global vendor, it is difficult to comply with all the regulations for every slot of their order. This not only affects the production process of sensors but also increases the cost while implementing changes.

Laser Sensor market is segmented on the basis of types into digital laser sensor, CMOS laser sensor, and others. Digital laser sensor segment is expected to account for major share in the global laser sensor market. This is due to its ability to enable long distance detection for difficult applications while maintaining a focused, visible beam spot.

Based on application, laser sensor market is segmented into level sensing, web tension control, and general conveyance detection. Level sensing application is expected to witness high demand during the forecast period. Laser sensors have found wide utility in the engineering for quality control and process monitoring. Laser sensor technology performs these applications with high-speed and high-precision. It can be used on multiple materials, reflective surfaces and colors, enabling manufacturers to collect continuous measurements in wide range of industries, comprising applications with moving processes, stamped or machine parts, and soft or sticky parts.

Key companies profiled in this report are Fiso Technologies, Prime Photonics, Banner, Bayspec, Omron, Laser Technology, Keyence, Ifm, Acuity, JENOPTIK LAP, MTI Instruments in the terms of company profile, product capabilities, revenue, market share etc. This study further tracks and analyze competitive developments such as joint ventures, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, new product developments, research and developments with the help of strategic profiling of key players in the market.

Table  of  Contents

1 Laser  Sensor Market Overview         
  1.1 Laser  Sensor Product Overview       
  1.2 Laser  Sensor Segment by Types (Product Category)       
    1.2.1 Global Laser  Sensor Sales and Growth (%) Comparison by Types (2013-2025)     
    1.2.2 Global Laser  Sensor Sales Market Share (%) by Types in 2017     
    1.2.3 Digital  Laser  Sensor     
    1.2.4  Others    
  1.3 Global Laser  Sensor Segment by Applications       
    1.3.1 Global Laser  Sensor Sales  Comparison by Applications (2013-2025)     
    1.3.2 Level  Sensing    
    1.3.3 Web  Tension  Control    
    1.3.4 General  Conveyance  Detection    
  1.4 Global Laser  Sensor Market by Regions (2013-2025)       
    1.4.1  Global  Laser  Sensor  Market  Size  and  Growth  (%)  Comparison  by  Regions (2013-2025)    
    1.4.2 North America Laser  Sensor Status and Prospect (2013-2025)     
    1.4.3 Asia-Pacific Laser  Sensor Status and Prospect (2013-2025)     
    1.4.4 Europe Laser  Sensor Status and Prospect (2013-2025)     
    1.4.5 South America Laser  Sensor Status and Prospect (2013-2025)     
    1.4.6 Middle East and Africa Laser  Sensor Status and Prospect (2013-2025)     
  1.5 Global Laser  Sensor Market Size (2013-2025)       
    1.5.1 Global Laser  Sensor Revenue (Million USD) Status and Outlook (2013-2025)     
    1.5.2 Global Laser  Sensor Sales  Status and Outlook (2013-2025)     
2 Global Laser  Sensor Market Competition by Manufacturers/Brand         
  2.1 Laser  Sensor Market Competitive Situation and Trends       
    2.1.1 Laser  Sensor Market Concentration Rate     
    2.1.2 Laser  Sensor Market Share (%) of Top 3 and Top 5 Manufacturers     
    2.1.3 Mergers & Acquisitions, Expansion     
3 Global Laser  Sensor Sales , Revenue (Million USD) by Regions (2013-2018)         
  3.1 Global Laser  Sensor Sales  and Market Share (%) by Regions (2013-2018)       
  3.2  Global  Laser  Sensor  Revenue  (Million  USD)  and  Market  Share  (%)  by  Regions (2013-2018)       
  3.3 Global Laser  Sensor Sales , Revenue (Million USD), Price (USD/Unit) and Gross Margin (%) (2013-2018)      
  3.4 North America Laser  Sensor Sales , Revenue (Million USD), Price (USD/Unit) and Gross Margin (%) (2013-2018)      
  3.5 Europe Laser  Sensor Sales , Revenue (Million USD), Price (USD/Unit) and Gross Margin (%) (2013-2018)      
  3.6 Asia-Pacific Laser  Sensor Sales , Revenue (Million USD), Price (USD/Unit) and Gross Margin (%) (2013-2018)       
  3.7 South America Laser  Sensor Sales , Revenue (Million USD), Price (USD/Unit) and Gross Margin (2013-2018)       
  3.8 Middle East and Africa Laser  Sensor Sales , Revenue (Million USD), Price (USD/Unit) and Gross Margin (%) (2013-2018)       
4 Global Laser  Sensor Sales, Revenue, Price Trend by Types         
  4.1 Global Laser  Sensor Sales  and Market Share (%) by Types (2013-2018)       
  4.2 Global Laser  Sensor Revenue and Market Share (%) by Types (2013-2018)       
  4.3 Global Laser  Sensor Price (USD/Unit) by Type (2013-2018)       
  4.4 Global Laser  Sensor Sales Growth by Type (2013-2018)       
5 Global Laser  Sensor Market Analysis by Applications         
  5.1 Global Laser  Sensor Sales  and Market Share (%) by Applications (2013-2018)       
  5.2 Global Laser  Sensor Sales Growth Rate (%) by Applications (2013-2018)       
6 Global Laser  Sensor Manufacturers Profiles/Analysis         
  6.1 Fiso  Technologies       
    6.1.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base, Sales Area and Its Competitors     
    6.1.2 Laser  Sensor Product Category, End Uses and Specification   Product A Product B   
    6.1.3  Market Share (%) (2013-2018)     
    6.1.4 Main Business/Business Overview     
  6.2 Prime  Photonics      
    6.2.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base, Sales Area and Its Competitors     
    6.2.2 Laser  Sensor Product Category, End Uses and Specification   Product A Product B   
    6.2.3 Market Share (%) (2013-2018)     
    6.2.4 Main Business/Business Overview     
  6.3 Banner      
    6.3.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base, Sales Area and Its Competitors     
    6.3.2 Laser  Sensor Product Category, End Uses and Specification   Product A Product B   
    6.3.3  Market Share (%) (2013-2018)     
    6.3.4 Main Business/Business Overview     
  6.4 Bayspec      
    6.4.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base, Sales Area and Its Competitors     
    6.4.2 Laser  Sensor Product Category, End Uses and Specification   Product A Product A   
    6.4.3  Market Share (%) (2013-2018)     
    6.4.4 Main Business/Business Overview     
  6.5 Omron      
    6.5.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base, Sales Area and Its Competitors     
    6.5.2 Laser  Sensor Product Category, End Uses and Specification   Product A Product B   
    6.5.3  Market Share (%) (2013-2018)     
    6.5.4 Main Business/Business Overview     
  6.6 LaserTechnology      
    6.6.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base, Sales Area and Its Competitors     
    6.6.2 Laser  Sensor Product Category, End Uses and Specification   Product A Product B   
    6.6.3  Market Share (%) (2013-2018)     
    6.6.4 Main Business/Business Overview     
  6.7 Keyence      
    6.7.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base, Sales Area and Its Competitors     
    6.7.2 Laser  Sensor Product Category, End Uses and Specification   Product A Product B   
    6.7.3  Market Share (%) (2013-2018)     
    6.7.4 Main Business/Business Overview     
  6.8 Ifm      
    6.8.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base, Sales Area and Its Competitors     
    6.8.2 Laser  Sensor Product Category, End Uses and Specification   Product A Product B   
    6.8.3 Market Share (%) (2013-2018)     
    6.8.4 Main Business/Business Overview     
  6.9 Acuity      
    6.9.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base, Sales Area and Its Competitors     
    6.9.2 Laser  Sensor Product Category, End Uses and Specification   Product A Product B   
    6.9.3 Market Share (%) (2013-2018)     
    6.9.4 Main Business/Business Overview     
  6.10 JENOPTIK  LAP      
    6.10.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base, Sales Area and Its Competitors     
    6.10.2 Laser  Sensor Product Category, End Uses and Specification   Product A Product B   
    6.10.3 Market Share (%) (2013-2018)     
    6.10.4 Main Business/Business Overview     
7 Laser  Sensor Manufacturing Cost Analysis         
  7.1 Laser  Sensor Key Raw Materials Analysis       
    7.1.1 Key Raw Materials     
    7.1.1 Raw Materials     
    7.1.2 Labor Cost     
    7.1.3 Manufacturing Expense    
8 Marketing Strategy Analysis, Distributors/Traders         
  8.1 Marketing Channel       
    8.1.1 Direct Marketing     
    8.1.2 Indirect Marketing     
    8.1.3 Marketing Channel Development Trend     
  8.2 Market Positioning       
    8.2.1 Pricing Strategy     
    8.2.2 Brand Strategy     
    8.2.3 Target Client     
  8.3 Distributors/Traders List       
9 Market Effect Factors Analysis         
  9.1 Technology Progress/Risk       
    9.1.1 Substitutes Threat     
    9.1.2 Technology Progress in Related Industry     
  9.2 Consumer Needs/Customer Preference Change       
  9.3 Economic/Political Environmental Change       
10 Global Laser  Sensor Market Forecast (2018-2025)         
  10.1 Global Laser  Sensor Sales , Revenue (Million USD) Forecast (2018-2025)       
    10.1.1 Global Laser  Sensor Sales  and Growth Rate (%) Forecast (2018-2025)     
    10.1.2 Global Laser  Sensor Revenue (Million USD) and Growth Rate (%)  Forecast (2018-2025)     
    10.1.3 Global Laser  Sensor Price and Trend Forecast (2018-2025)     
  10.2 Global Laser  Sensor Sales    and  Revenue  (Million  USD)  Forecast  by  Regions (2018-2025)       
    10.2.1 North America Laser  Sensor Sales  and Revenue (Million USD) Forecast (2018-2025)     
    10.2.2  Europe  Laser  Sensor  Sales    and  Revenue  (Million  USD)  Forecast (2018-2025)     
    10.2.3  Asia-Pacific  Laser  Sensor  Sales    and  Revenue  (Million  USD)  Forecast (2018-2025)     
    10.2.4 South America Laser  Sensor Sales  and Revenue (Million USD) Forecast (2018-2025)     
    10.2.5 Middle East and Africa Laser  Sensor Sales  and Revenue (Million USD) Forecast (2018-2025)     
  10.3 Global Laser  Sensor Sales , Revenue (Million USD), Price (USD/Unit) Forecast by Type (2018-2025)       
  10.4 Global Laser  Sensor Sales  Forecast by Application (2018-2025)       
11 Research Findings and Conclusion         
12 Methodology and Data Source         
  12.1 Methodology/Research Approach       
    12.1.1 Research Programs/Design     
    12.1.2 Market Size Estimation     
    12.1.3 Market Breakdown and Data Triangulation     
  12.2 Data Source       
    12.2.1 Secondary Sources     
    12.2.2 Primary Sources     
  12.3 Disclaimer       
  12.4 Author List       
SDMR employs a three way data triangulation approach to arrive at market estimates. We use primary research, secondary research and data triangulation by top down and bottom up approach


Secondary Research:
Our research methodology involves in-depth desk research using various secondary sources. Data is gathered from association/government publications/databases, company websites, press releases, annual reports/presentations/sec filings, technical papers, journals, research papers, magazines, conferences, tradeshows, and blogs.

Key Data Points through secondary research-
Macro-economic data points
Import Export data
Identification of major market trends across various applications
Primary understanding of the industry for both the regions
Competitors analysis for the production capacities, key production sites, competitive landscape
Key customers
Production Capacity
Pricing Scenario
Cost Margin Analysis

Key Data Points through primary research-
Major factors driving the market and its end application markets
Comparative analysis and customer analysis
Regional presence
Collaborations or tie-ups
Annual Production, and sales
Profit Margins
Average Selling Price

Data Triangulation:
Data triangulation is done using top down and bottom approaches. However, to develop accurate market sizing estimations, both the methodologies are used to accurately arrive at the market size. Insert Image
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