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Global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market

Global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market by Offering (Hardware, Software, Services), Technology (Machine Learning, NLP, Context-Aware Computing, Computer Vision), End-Use Application, End User - Market Research Report 2021 : Covid 19 Impact Outlook, Regional Analysis, Competitive Landscape, Growth Prospects & Forecast 2020-2026

Report code: SDMRHE1559628 | Industry: Healthcare | Published On: 1/1/2021

Global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market by Offering (Hardware, Software, Services), Technology (Machine Learning, NLP, Context-Aware Computing, Computer Vision), End-Use Application, End User - Global Forecast to 2026
Global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market is valued at USD 3.72 Billion in 2019 and expected to reach USD 44.45 Billion by 2026 with the CAGR of 42.53% over the forecast period.

Scope of the report
This report analyses the global market for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare . The report will enable the user to understand and gain insights into the current and forecast market situation. The market is comprehensively analyzed by geography to give complete information on the global scenario. The qualitative and quantitative data provided in this study can help user understand which market segments, regions are expected to grow at higher rates, factors affecting the market and key opportunity areas. The report also includes competitive landscape of key players in the industry along with emerging trends in the market.

Key Players
Welltok, Inc., Intel Corporation, Nvidia Corporation, Google Inc., IBM Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, General Vision, Inc., Enlitic, Inc., Next IT Corporation, iCarbonX and others
Above mentioned companies were scrutinized to assess competitive landscape of global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare market. Report provides company profiles of each player. Each profile include company product portfolio,business overview, company governance, company financials, business strategies, manufacturing locations and production facilities, company sale, recent developments and strategic collaborations & partnerships, new product launch, company segments, application diversification and company strength and weakness analysis.

Review period:
Historic Period: 2016 to 2019
Forecast Period: 2020 to 2026
Base Year: 2019
Unit: USD Billion
This Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare market report provides insights on new trade regulations, industry value chain analysis, market size, regional and segment market share, product launches, product pipeline analysis, impact of Covid-19 on supply chain, key regions, untapped markets, patent analysis, product approvals, continuous innovations and developments in the market.


• North America: U.S., Canada and Rest of North America
• Europe: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Rest of Europe
• Asia Pacific: China, Japan, India, Australia, Southeast Asia and Rest of Asia Pacific
• Latin America: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Rest of Latin America
• Middle East and Africa: Gulf Countries, Israel, Africa and Rest of Middle East and Africa

Market Segmentation

• Offering
o Hardware
o Software
o Services
• Technology
o Machine Learning
o Natural Language Processing
o Context-Aware Computing
o Computer Vision
o Querying Method
• End-use Application
o Patient data and Risk analysis
o Inpatient care & Hospital Management
o Medical Imaging and Diagnostics
o Lifestyle Management and Monitoring
o Virtual Assistant
o Drug Discovery
o Research
o Healthcare Assistance Robots
o Precision Medicine
o Emergency Room & Robot Assisted Surgery
o Wearables
o Mental Health
o Fraud Detection
o Cybersecurity
o Clinical Trial Participant Identifier
o Others
• End User
o Hospitals
o Patients
o Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies
o Healthcare Payers
o Others

Report Coverage

• An overview of the global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare market
• In depth analysis of market dynamics and major factors such as drivers, restraints, opportunities and trends influencing the global market
• Global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare market revenue data historic and forecast analysis (2016 to 2026)
• Characterization and quantification of the market segments for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare market
• Market share analysis of key market participants and their competitive landscape

Important Questions Answered by Global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market Report
• What is the impact of COVID 19 epidemic on the global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare market?
• Which is mostly affected region, country?
• Which is the current largest and fastest-growing region?
• What is the market size and growth rate of the global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare market?
• What are current factors affecting the growth of market?
• What are Key trends and opportunity areas?
• Within Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare market, which segments are fastest growing & emerging strongly? What are the drivers and restraints for each segment? What are vendor competencies by segment?
• What are the major strategies adopted by leading market companies?
• What are company challenges and essential success factors by marketsegment?
• How company offerings and supply chain capabilitiesare shifting to meetemerging market needs?

Table  of  Contents
1.  Introduction
1.1.  Report  Description
1.2.  Market  Segmentation
1.3.  Research  Methodology
1.4.  List  of  Abbreviations
2.  Executive  Summary
3.  Market  Overview
3.1.  Market  Definition  
3.2.  Market  Scope
3.3.  Market  Drivers
3.4.  Market  Restraints
3.5.  Market  Opportunities  and  Trends
3.6.  Porter’s  five  force  analysis
3.7.  SWOT  Analysis
3.8.  PEST  Analysis
3.9.  Patent  Analysis
3.10.  Impact  of  COVID  19  on  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market
4.  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market,  By  Offering,  Market  Size  and  Forecast  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
4.1.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Offering,  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
4.1.1.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Hardware
4.1.2.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Software  
4.1.3.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Services

4.2.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Offering  Share,  2016  -2026  (%)
5.  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market,  By  Technology,  Market  Size  and  Forecast  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
5.1.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Technology,2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)  
5.1.1.          Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Machine  Learning
5.1.2.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Natural  Language  Processing
5.1.3.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Context-Aware  Computing
5.1.4.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Computer  Vision
5.1.5.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Querying  Method
5.2.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Technology  Share,  2016  -2026  (%)
6.  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market,  By  End  Use  Application,  Market  Size  and  Forecast  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
6.1.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  End  Use  Application,2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
6.1.1.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Patient  data  and  Risk  analysis
6.1.2.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Inpatient  care  &  Hospital  Management  
6.1.3.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Medical  Imaging  and  Diagnostics
6.1.4.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Lifestyle  Management  and  Monitoring  
6.1.5.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Virtual  Assistant  
6.1.6.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Research
6.1.7.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Healthcare  Assistance  Robots
6.1.8.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Precision  Medicine
6.1.9.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Emergency  Room  &  Robot  Assisted  Surgery
6.1.10.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Wearables
6.1.11.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Mental  Health
6.1.12.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Fraud  Detection
6.1.13.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Cybersecurity
6.1.14.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Clinical  Trial  Participant  Identifier  and  Others
6.2.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Application  Share,  2016  -2026  (%)
7.  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market,  By  End  User,  Market  Size  and  Forecast  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
7.1.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  End  User,  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
7.1.1.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Hospitals  
7.1.2.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Patients
7.1.3.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Pharmaceutical  and  Biotechnology  companies
7.1.4.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Healthcare  Payers  and  Others
7.2.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  End  User  Share,  2016  -2026  (%)
8.  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market,  By  Region  Market  Size  and  Forecast  2016  -2026
8.1.1.  Key  Findings
8.1.2.  Impact  of  COVID  19
8.1.3.  Key  market  trends,  growth  factors  and  opportunities
8.1.4.  North  America  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  by  Country  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.1.5.  North  America  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Offering2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.1.6.  North  America  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Technology  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.1.7.  North  America  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  End  Use  Application  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.1.8.  North  America  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  End  User  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.2.  EUROPE
8.2.1.  Key  Findings
8.2.2.  Impact  of  COVID  19
8.2.3.  Key  market  trends,  growth  factors  and  opportunities
8.2.4.  Europe  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  by  Country  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.2.5.  Europe  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Offering  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.2.6.  Europe  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Technology  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.2.7.  Europe  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  End  Use  Application  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.2.8.  Europe  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  End  User  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.3.1.  Key  Findings
8.3.2.  Impact  of  COVID  19
8.3.3.  Key  market  trends,  growth  factors  and  opportunities
8.3.4.  Asia  Pacific  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  by  Country  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.3.5.  Asia  Pacific  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Offering  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.3.6.  Asia  Pacific  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Technology  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.3.7.  Asia  Pacific  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  End  Use  Application  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.3.8.  Asia  Pacific  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  End  User  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.4.1.  Key  Findings
8.4.2.  Impact  of  COVID  19
8.4.3.  Key  market  trends,  growth  factors  and  opportunities
8.4.4.  Latin  America  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  by  Country  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.4.5.  Latin  America  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Offering  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.4.6.  Latin  America  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Technology  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.4.7.  Latin  America  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  End  Use  Application  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.4.8.  Latin  America  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  End  User  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.5.1.  Key  Findings
8.5.2.  Impact  of  COVID  19
8.5.3.  Key  market  trends,  growth  factors  and  opportunities
8.5.4.  Middle  East  and  Africa  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  by  Country  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.5.5.  Middle  East  and  Africa    Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Offering  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.5.6.  Middle  East  and  Africa  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  Technology  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.5.7.  Middle  East  and  Africa  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  End  Use  Application  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
8.5.8.  Middle  East  and  Africa  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  By  End  User  2016  -2026  (USD  Billion)
9.  Competitive  Landscape  Analysis
9.1.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  Company  Revenue,  (USD  Billion),  2016-2019
9.2.  Global  Artificial  Intelligence  in  Healthcare    Market  Company  Share,  (%),  2016-2019
10.  Company  Profiles
10.1.  Welltok,  Inc.
10.2.  Intel  Corporation
10.3.  Nvidia  Corporation
10.4.  Google  Inc.
10.5.  IBM  Corporation
10.6.  Microsoft  Corporation
10.7.  General  Vision,  Inc.
10.8.  Enlitic,  Inc.
10.9.  Next  IT  Corporation  
10.10.  iCarbonX  
10.11.  Others
11.  Appendix
12.  List  of  Tables  
13.  List  of  Figures  

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