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Global plasticizer Market

Global plasticizer Market - Segment Analysis, Opportunity Assessment, Competitive Intelligence and Industry Outlook, 2016-2023

Report code: SDMRCH569828 | Industry: Chemicals & Materials | Published On: 7/26/2019

A plasticizer is a chemical substance that is being added to another material such as plastic, to make it resistant, flexible, and easy to handle. More than 300 types of plasticizers are available across the market, among which only 50-100 are currently being used commercially. The most common type of plasticizers that are being used are phthalates and adipates.
Plasticizers are primarily being added to the polymer matrix to increase its flexibility and improve the chemical properties of the final product. Moreover, the addition of a plasticizer in materials can lower the glass transition temperature, melt viscosity, and elastic modulus of the polymer. They primarily act as additives that increase the plasticity or fluidity of a material. They can further enhance the properties of materials such as concrete, clays, and other related products.
The plasticizer market is expected to reach US$ 1021.2 million by 2023, growing with a significant CAGR during the forecast period. The market is growing due to the high demand for plasticizers in various applications such as consumer goods, flooring & wall coverings, coated fabrics, wire & cable, and film & sheet. In addition to these, rapid urbanization and increasing construction projects across the globe where the product is used as an additive for concrete and other polymers and also in the production of wires and cables, will further accelerate the growth of the market.
This plasticizer market report covers an in-depth analysis of the market including statistical and subjective data points, along with the key market drivers and opportunities & restraints that have positive or negative effects on the overall global market. An exclusive coverage has been provided for market drivers and challenges & opportunities for a country-level market in the respective regional segments. The report comprises a competitive analysis of the key players functioning in the market and covers in-depth data related to the competitive landscape of the market and the recent strategies & products that will assist or affect the market in the near future.
The global plasticizer market is segmented on the basis of type, application, and geography. Based on types, the market is categorized into phthalates, terephthalates, trimellitates, epoxides, phosphates, sebacates, extenders, aliphatic dibasic esters, and others. Based on applications, the plasticizer market has been segregated into flooring & wall, film & sheet coverings, wires & cables, coated fabrics, consumer goods, and others (medical, sports, & adhesive & sealants applications).
The flooring & wall segment is dominating the plasticizers market during the forecast period
The flooring & wall covering segment is dominating the global plasticizers market in the year 2018 due to an increase in construction across the globe, along with increased need for renovation and maintenance of existing buildings, which are fostering the market growth. Plasticizers are being used extensively for coverings due to their viscosity reducing property, and fast fusers.
Moreover, their use will increase due to increasing consumer preference for new designs in coverings and floor walls in their buildings. As the economic conditions of people are improving, the application of plasticizers in production of wires & cables and consumer goods is also expected to increase in the coming years.
Asia Pacific is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period
Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing region in the plasticizers market owing to an increasing demand for flexible PVC in the region. Rising construction activities and the growing demand for automotive are expected to fuel the market growth for plasticizers. China was the largest market for plasticizers in the Asia-Pacific in 2016. Further, increasing construction activities in developing countries such as China and India are projected to enhance the demand for PVC cladding and roofing. Plasticizers are widely used to manufacture flexible PVC roofing membranes. Thus, these factors are likely to boost the plasticizers market in this region.
The key players operating in the global plasticizer market includes Orica Ltd., Adeka Corporation, Clariant International Ltd., Grupa Azoty S.A., Aekyung Petrochemical Co. Ltd., Sasol Ltd., Blue Sail Chemical Group, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, Teknor Apex, Amines & Plasticizers Ltd., and others. The global plasticizer market is a competitive market due to the presence of various international, regional, and local vendors.
The demand for plasticizer is expected to increase over the coming years due to rising investments in R&D by key players such as Clariant International Ltd., Grupa Azoty S.A., and others. To expand the market, majority of vendors are adopting new technologies and product launches to gain competitive advantage in the global market. The plasticizer market is largely driven by new product launches and acquisitions.
The competition in the global plasticizer market is intense as various international and regional vendors are providing the new technology to various end-use industries for the expansion of the market. Plasticizer vendors are emphasizing on investing in R&D facilities to increase technology development. The key players and emerging vendors have improved manufacturing techniques and enhanced their products to have a competitive edge over others. Furthermore, companies are involved in acquisitions and expansion to improve their product offerings and increase the production process.

Chapter  1 Preface
1.1 Report  Description
1.1.1 Purpose  of  the  Report
1.1.2 Target  Audience
1.1.3 USP  and  Key  Offerings
1.2 Research  Scope
1.3 Research  Methodology
1.3.1 Phase  I  –  Secondary  Research
1.3.2 Phase  II  –  Primary  Research
1.3.3 Phase  III  –  Expert  Panel  Review
1.3.4 Approach  Adopted Top-Down  Approach Bottom-Up  Approach
1.3.5 Assumptions
1.4 Market  Segmentation  Scope
Chapter  2 Executive  Summary
2.1 Market  Summary
2.1.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
2.1 Market  Snapshot:  Global  Plasticizers  Market
2.2 Market  Dynamics
2.3 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Segment,  2018
2.3.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Type,  2018,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
2.3.2 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Application,  2018,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
2.3.3 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Region,  2018  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
2.4 Premium  Insights
2.4.1 Plasticizers  Market  In  Developed  Vs.  Developing  Economies,  2018  vs  2023
2.4.2 Global  Plasticizers  Market:  Regional  Life  Cycle  Analysis
Chapter  3 Market  Dynamics
3.1 Market  Overview
3.2 Market  Drivers
3.2.1 Increase  in  the    demand  for  flexible  PVC
3.2.2 Rising  demand  from  construction  industry
3.2.3 Driver  3
3.3 Market  Restraints
3.3.1 Stringent  Regulations  on  the  use  of  phthalates  plasticizers
3.3.2 Restraint  2
3.4 Market  Opportunities
3.4.1 Growing  demand  for  eco-friendly  plasticizers
3.4.2 Opportunity  2
3.5 Industry  Value  Chain  Analysis
3.5.1 Analyst’s  Views
3.6 Industry  SWOT  Analysis
Chapter  4 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Type
4.1 Market  Overview,  by  Type
4.1.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Type,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
4.1.2 Incremental  Opportunity,  by  Type,  From  2018-2023
4.2 Phthalates
4.2.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Phthalates,  2016-2023,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
4.3 Terephthalates
4.3.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Terephthalates,  2016-2023,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
4.4 Trimellitates
4.4.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Trimellitates,  2016-2023,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
4.5 Epoxides
4.5.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Epoxides,  2016-2023,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
4.6 Phosphates
4.6.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Phosphates,  2016-2023,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
4.7 Sebacates
4.7.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Sebacates,  2016-2023,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
4.8 Aliphatic  Dibasic  Esters
4.8.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Aliphatic  Dibasic  Esters,  2016-2023,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
4.9 Extenders
4.9.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Extenders,  2016-2023,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
4.10 Others
4.10.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Others,  2016-2023,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
Chapter  5 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Application
5.1 Market  Overview,  by  Application
5.1.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Application,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
5.1.2 Incremental  Opportunity,  by  Application,  From  2018-2023
5.2 Film  &  Sheet  Coverings
5.2.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Film  &  Sheet  Coverings,  2016-2023,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
5.3 Flooring  &  Wall
5.3.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Flooring  &  Wall,  2016-2023,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
5.4 Wires  &  Cables
5.4.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Wires  &  Cables,  2016-2023,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
5.5 Coated  Fabrics
5.5.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Coated  Fabrics,  2016-2023,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
5.6 Consumer  Goods
5.6.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Consumer  Goods,  2016-2023,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
5.7 Others
5.7.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Others,  2016-2023,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
Chapter  6 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Region
6.1 Market  Overview,  by  Region
6.1.1 Global  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Region,  2016-2023,  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.2 Attractive  Investment  Opportunity,  by  Region,  2018
6.3 North  America  Plasticizers  Market
6.3.1 North  America  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Type,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.3.2 North  America  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Application,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.3.3 United  States  Country  Profile United  States  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.3.4 Canada  Country  Profile Canada  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.3.5 Mexico  Country  Profile Mexico  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.4 Europe  Plasticizers  Market
6.4.1 Europe  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Type,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.4.2 Europe  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Application,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.4.3 United  Kingdom  Country  Profile United  Kingdom  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.4.4 Germany  Country  Profile Germany  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.4.5 France  Country  Profile France  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.4.6 Italy  Country  Profile Italy  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.4.7 Spain  Country  Profile Spain  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.4.8 Rest  of  Europe Rest  of  Europe  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.5 Asia  Pacific  Plasticizers  Market
6.5.1 Asia  Pacific  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Type,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.5.2 Asia  Pacific  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Application,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.5.3 China  Country  Profile China  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.5.4 Japan  Country  Profile Japan  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.5.5 India  Country  Profile India  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.5.6 Indonesia  Country  Profile Indonesia  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.5.7 Thailand  Country  Profile Thailand  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.5.8 Rest  of  Asia  Pacific Rest  of  Asia  Pacific  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.6 Latin  America  Plasticizers  Market
6.6.1 Latin  America  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Type,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.6.2 Latin  America  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Application,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.6.3 Brazil  Country  Profile Brazil  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.6.4 Argentina  Country  Profile Argentina  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.6.5 Rest  of  Latin  America Rest  of  Latin  America  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.7 Middle  East  &  Africa  Plasticizers  Market
6.7.1 Middle  East  &  Africa  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Type,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.7.2 Middle  East  &  Africa  Plasticizers  Market,  by  Application,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.7.3 Southern  Africa Southern  Africa  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.7.4 Northern  Africa Northern  Africa  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.7.5 GCC GCC  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
6.7.6 Rest  of  Middle  East  &  Africa Rest  of  Middle  East  &  Africa  Plasticizers  Market,  2016-2023  (Units)  (US$  Mn)
Chapter  7 Competitive  Intelligence
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Players  Evaluated  During  the  Study
7.3 Market  Players  Present  in  Market  Life  Cycle
7.4 Top  5  Players  Comparison
7.5 Market  Positioning  of  Key  Players,  2018
7.6 Market  Players  Mapping
7.6.1 By  Type
7.6.2 By  Application
7.6.3 By  Region
7.7 Strategies  Adopted  by  Key  Market  Players
7.8 Recent  Developments  in  the  Market
7.8.1 Mergers  &  Acquisitions,  Partnership,  New  Product  Developments
7.9 Operational  Efficiency  Comparison  by  Key  Players
Chapter  8 Company  Profiles
8.1 Arkema  S.A.
8.1.1 Arkema  S.A.  Overview
8.1.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  Arkema  S.A.
8.1.3 Arkema  S.A.  Products  Portfolio
8.1.4 Arkema  S.A.  Financial  Overview
8.1.5 Arkema  S.A.  News/Recent  Developments
8.2 BASF  SE
8.2.1 BASF  SE  Overview
8.2.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  BASF  SE
8.2.3 BASF  SE  Products  Portfolio
8.2.4 BASF  SE  Financial  Overview
8.2.5 BASF  SE  News/Recent  Developments
8.3 Daelim  Industrial  Co.  Ltd.
8.3.1 Daelim  Industrial  Co.  Ltd.  Overview
8.3.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  Daelim  Industrial  Co.  Ltd.
8.3.3 Daelim  Industrial  Co.  Ltd.  Products  Portfolio
8.3.4 Daelim  Industrial  Co.  Ltd.  Financial  Overview
8.3.5 Daelim  Industrial  Co.  Ltd.  News/Recent  Developments
8.4 Dow  Chemical  Company
8.4.1 Dow  Chemical  Company  Overview
8.4.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  Dow  Chemical  Company
8.4.3 Dow  Chemical  Company  Products  Portfolio
8.4.4 Dow  Chemical  Company  Financial  Overview
8.4.5 Dow  Chemical  Company  News/Recent  Developments
8.5 LG  Chem  Ltd.
8.5.1 LG  Chem  Ltd.  Overview
8.5.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  LG  Chem  Ltd.
8.5.3 LG  Chem  Ltd.  Products  Portfolio
8.5.4 LG  Chem  Ltd.  Financial  Overview
8.5.5 LG  Chem  Ltd.  News/Recent  Developments
8.6 Evonik  Industries  AG
8.6.1 Evonik  Industries  AG  Overview
8.6.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  Evonik  Industries  AG
8.6.3 Evonik  Industries  AG  Products  Portfolio
8.6.4 Evonik  Industries  AG  Financial  Overview
8.6.5 Evonik  Industries  AG  News/Recent  Developments
8.7 ExxonMobil  Chemical
8.7.1 ExxonMobil  Chemical  Overview
8.7.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  ExxonMobil  Chemical
8.7.3 ExxonMobil  Chemical  Products  Portfolio
8.7.4 ExxonMobil  Chemical  Financial  Overview
8.7.5 ExxonMobil  Chemical  News/Recent  Developments
8.8 Eastman  Chemical  Company
8.8.1 Eastman  Chemical  Company  Overview
8.8.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  Eastman  Chemical  Company
8.8.3 Eastman  Chemical  Company  Products  Portfolio
8.8.4 Eastman  Chemical  Company  Financial  Overview
8.8.5 Eastman  Chemical  Company  News/Recent  Developments
8.9 Ineos  Group
8.9.1 Ineos  Group  Overview
8.9.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  Ineos  Group
8.9.3 Ineos  Group  Products  Portfolio
8.9.4 Ineos  Group  Financial  Overview
8.9.5 Ineos  Group  News/Recent  Developments
8.10 UPC  Group
8.10.1 UPC  Group  Overview
8.10.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  UPC  Group
8.10.3 UPC  Group  Products  Portfolio
8.10.4 UPC  Group  Financial  Overview
8.10.5 UPC  Group  News/Recent  Developments
TABLE 1 Market Snapshot: Global Plasticizers Market Value
TABLE 2 Global Plasticizers Market, by Type, 2016-2023 (Units)
TABLE 3 Global Plasticizers Market, by Type, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 4 Global Plasticizers Market, by Application, 2016-2023 (Units)
TABLE 5 Global Plasticizers Market, by Application, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 6 Global Plasticizers Market, by Region, 2016-2023 (Units)
TABLE 7 Global Plasticizers Market, by Region, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 8 North America Plasticizers Market, by Type, 2016-2023 (Units)
TABLE 9 North America Plasticizers Market, by Type, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 10 North America Plasticizers Market, by Application, 2016-2023 (Units)
TABLE 11 North America Plasticizers Market, by Application, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 12 Europe Plasticizers Market, by Type, 2016-2023 (Units)
TABLE 13 Europe Plasticizers Market, by Type, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 14 Europe Plasticizers Market, by Application, 2016-2023 (Units)
TABLE 15 Europe Plasticizers Market, by Application, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 16 Asia Pacific Plasticizers Market, by Type, 2016-2023 (Units)
TABLE 17 Asia Pacific Plasticizers Market, by Type, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 18 Asia Pacific Plasticizers Market, by Application, 2016-2023 (Units)
TABLE 19 Asia Pacific Plasticizers Market, by Application, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 20 Latin America Plasticizers Market, by Type, 2016-2023 (Units)
TABLE 21 Latin America Plasticizers Market, by Type, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 22 Latin America Plasticizers Market, by Application, 2016-2023 (Units)
TABLE 23 Latin America Plasticizers Market, by Application, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 24 Middle East & Africa Plasticizers Market, by Type, 2016-2023 (Units)
TABLE 25 Middle East & Africa Plasticizers Market, by Type, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 26 Middle East & Africa Plasticizers Market, by Application, 2016-2023 (Units)
TABLE 27 Middle East & Africa Plasticizers Market, by Application, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 28 Top 5 Players Comparison
TABLE 29 Market Players Mapping – By Type
TABLE 30 Top Players Market Mapping – By Application
TABLE 31 Top Players Market Mapping – By Region
TABLE 32 Strategies Adopted by Key Market Players
TABLE 33 Mergers & Acquisitions, Partnership, New Product Developments
TABLE 34 Arkema S.A. Overview
TABLE 35 Key Stakeholders/Person in Arkema S.A.
TABLE 36 Board of Director
TABLE 37 Arkema S.A. Product Portfolio
TABLE 38 Arkema S.A. News/Recent Developments
TABLE 39 BASF SE Overview
TABLE 40 Key Stakeholders/Person in BASF SE
TABLE 41 Board of Director
TABLE 42 BASF SE Product Portfolio
TABLE 43 BASF SE News/Recent Developments
TABLE 44 Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd. Overview
TABLE 45 Key Stakeholders/Person in Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd.
TABLE 46 Board of Director
TABLE 47 Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd. Product Portfolio
TABLE 48 Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd. News/Recent Developments
TABLE 49 Dow Chemical Company Overview
TABLE 50 Key Stakeholders/Person in Dow Chemical Company
TABLE 51 Board of Director
TABLE 52 Dow Chemical Company Product Portfolio
TABLE 53 Dow Chemical Company News/Recent Developments
TABLE 54 LG Chem Ltd. Overview
TABLE 55 Key Stakeholders/Person in LG Chem Ltd.
TABLE 56 Board of Director
TABLE 57 LG Chem Ltd. Product Portfolio
TABLE 58 LG Chem Ltd. News/Recent Developments
TABLE 59 Evonik Industries AG Overview
TABLE 60 Key Stakeholders/Person in Evonik Industries AG
TABLE 61 Board of Director
TABLE 62 Evonik Industries AG Product Portfolio
TABLE 63 Evonik Industries AG News/Recent Developments
TABLE 64 ExxonMobil Chemical Overview
TABLE 65 Key Stakeholders/Person in ExxonMobil Chemical
TABLE 66 Board of Director
TABLE 67 ExxonMobil Chemical Product Portfolio
TABLE 68 ExxonMobil Chemical News/Recent Developments
TABLE 69 Eastman Chemical Company Overview
TABLE 70 Key Stakeholders/Person in Eastman Chemical Company
TABLE 71 Board of Director
TABLE 72 Eastman Chemical Company Product Portfolio
TABLE 73 Eastman Chemical Company News/Recent Developments
TABLE 74 Ineos Group Overview
TABLE 75 Key Stakeholders/Person in Ineos Group
TABLE 76 Board of Director
TABLE 77 Ineos Group Product Portfolio
TABLE 78 Ineos Group News/Recent Developments
TABLE 79 UPC Group Overview
TABLE 80 Key Stakeholders/Person in UPC Group
TABLE 81 Board of Director
TABLE 82 UPC Group Product Portfolio
TABLE 83 UPC Group News/Recent Developments
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