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Global Platinum Silicone Tubing Hose Market

Global Platinum Silicone Tubing & Hose Market - Segment Analysis, Opportunity Assessment, Competitive Intelligence and Industry Outlook, 2016-2026

Report code: SDMRCH569845 | Industry: Chemicals & Materials | Published On: 7/26/2019

In terms of value, the global platinum silicone tubing & hose market was valued at US$ 3,230.8 Mn in 2018 and it is expected to reach US$ 6,211.4 Mn by 2026 at a CAGR of 8.5%. Platinum-cured silicone tubing is an exceptional choice for the purpose of fluid transfer in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. It provides advantages such as resistance to high temperatures and less potential leachability.
The main factors which are accentuating the growth of the global platinum silicone tubing & hose market are increasing adoption of minimally invasive medical procedures and the rising demand for medical tubing devices. However, a steady demand for peroxide-cured silicone tubing is expected to impede the growth of the platinum silicone tubing & hose market. But, factors like innovation and customization of polymers and tubing structures, and the rising adoption of polymer materials rather than metals, will be generating opportunities for the market in the future.
Based on the type, the platinum silicone tubing & hose market is segmented into general purpose, high pressure, medical grade, and food grade. Among these, the medical grade type holds the highest share in the market owing to the properties of platinum silicone tubes such as resistance to oxidation and radiation, the ability to survive in repeated sterilizations, and the ability to repel bacterial growth.
On the basis of the end-user, the medical segment holds the highest share in the platinum silicone tubing & hose market, owing to properties which help in resisting UV, ozone, gases, moisture, and extreme temperatures.
Geographically, North America is dominating the platinum silicone tubing & hose market, with a market share of 32.4% during the forecast period. The medical and the food & beverage industry in this region are key markets for platinum-cured silicone tubes, owing to the benefits offered by these tubes and their wide range of applicability. Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing region in the platinum silicone tubing & hose market, owing to the rising demand for platinum-cured silicone tubing in the medical and biotechnology sector.

Chapter  1 Preface
1.1 Report  Description
1.1.1 Purpose  of  the  Report
1.1.2 Target  Audience
1.1.3 USP  and  Key  Offerings
1.2 Research  Scope
1.3 Research  Methodology
1.3.1 Phase  I  –  Secondary  Research
1.3.2 Phase  II  –  Primary  Research
1.3.3 Phase  III  –  Expert  Panel  Review
1.3.4 Approach  Adopted Top-Down  Approach Bottom-Up  Approach
1.3.5 Assumptions
1.4 Market  Segmentation  Scope
Chapter  2 Executive  Summary
2.1 Market  Summary
2.1.1 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  2016-2026,  (US$  Mn)
2.1 Market  Snapshot:  Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market
2.2 Market  Dynamics
2.3 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  Segment,  2018
2.3.1 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  Type,  2018,  (US$  Mn)
2.3.2 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  End-user,  2018,  (US$  Mn)
2.3.3 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  Region,  2018  (US$  Mn)
2.4 Premium  Insights
2.4.1 Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market  In  Developed  Vs.  Developing  Economies,  2018  vs  2026
2.4.2 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market:  Regional  Life  Cycle  Analysis
Chapter  3 Market  Dynamics
3.1 Market  Overview
3.2 Market  Drivers
3.2.1 Increasing  adoption  of  minimally  invasive  medical  procedure
3.2.2 Rising  demand  for  medical  tubing  devices
3.3 Market  Restraints
3.3.1 Steady  demand  for  Peroxide-Cured  Silicone  Tubing
3.3.2 Restraint  2
3.4 Market  Opportunities
3.4.1 Rising  healthcare  spending  in  emerging  economies
3.4.2 Opportunity  2
3.5 Industry  Value  Chain  Analysis
3.5.1 Analyst’s  Views
3.6 Industry  SWOT  Analysis
Chapter  4 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  Type
4.1 Market  Overview,  by  Type
4.1.1 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  Type,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
4.1.2 Incremental  Opportunity,  by  Type,  From  2018-2026
4.2 General  Purpose
4.2.1 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  General  Purpose,  2016-2026,  (US$  Mn)
4.3 High  Pressure
4.3.1 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  High  Pressure,  2016-2026,  (US$  Mn)
4.4 High  Pressure
4.4.1 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  High  Pressure,  2016-2026,  (US$  Mn)
4.5 Medical  Grade
4.5.1 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  Medical  Grade,  2016-2026,  (US$  Mn)
4.6 Food  Grade
4.6.1 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  Food  Grade,  2016-2026,  (US$  Mn)
Chapter  5 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  End-user
5.1 Market  Overview,  by  End-user
5.1.1 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  End-user,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
5.1.2 Incremental  Opportunity,  by  End-user,  From  2018-2026
5.2 Medical
5.2.1 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  Medical,  2016-2026,  (US$  Mn)
5.3 Food  &  Beverage
5.3.1 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  Food  &  Beverage,  2016-2026,  (US$  Mn)
5.4 Biotechnology
5.4.1 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  Biotechnology,  2016-2026,  (US$  Mn)
5.5 Others
5.5.1 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  Others,  2016-2026,  (US$  Mn)
Chapter  6 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  Region
6.1 Market  Overview,  by  Region
6.1.1 Global  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  Region,  2016-2026,  (US$  Mn)
6.2 Attractive  Investment  Opportunity,  by  Region,  2018
6.3 North  America  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market
6.3.1 North  America  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  Type,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.3.2 North  America  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  End-user,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.3.3 United  States  Country  Profile United  States  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.3.4 Canada  Country  Profile Canada  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.3.5 Mexico  Country  Profile Mexico  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.3.6 Rest  of  North  America Rest  of  North  America  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.4 Europe  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market
6.4.1 Europe  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  Type,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.4.2 Europe  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  End-user,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.4.3 United  Kingdom  Country  Profile United  Kingdom  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.4.4 Germany  Country  Profile Germany  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.4.5 France  Country  Profile France  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.4.6 Italy  Country  Profile Italy  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.4.7 Rest  of  Europe Rest  of  Europe  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.5 Asia  Pacific  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market
6.5.1 Asia  Pacific  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  Type,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.5.2 Asia  Pacific  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  End-user,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.5.3 China  Country  Profile China  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.5.4 Japan  Country  Profile Japan  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.5.5 India  Country  Profile India  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.5.6 Southeast  Asia Southeast  Asia  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.5.7 Rest  of  Asia  Pacific Rest  of  Asia  Pacific  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.6 Rest  of  The  World  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market
6.6.1 Rest  of  The  World  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  Type,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
6.6.2 Rest  of  The  World  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  by  End-user,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn) Latin  America  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn) Middle  East  &  Africa  Platinum  Silicone  Tubing  &  Hose  Market,  2016-2026  (US$  Mn)
Chapter  7 Competitive  Intelligence
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Players  Evaluated  During  the  Study
7.3 Market  Players  Present  in  Market  Life  Cycle
7.4 Top  5  Players  Comparison
7.5 Market  Positioning  of  Key  Players,  2018
7.6 Market  Players  Mapping
7.6.1 By  Type
7.6.2 By  End-user
7.6.3 By  Region
7.7 Strategies  Adopted  by  Key  Market  Players
7.8 Recent  Developments  in  the  Market
7.8.1 Mergers  &  Acquisitions,  Partnership,  New  Product  Developments
7.9 Operational  Efficiency  Comparison  by  Key  Players
Chapter  8 Company  Profiles
8.1 NewAge  Industries  Inc.
8.1.1 NewAge  Industries  Inc.  Overview
8.1.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  NewAge  Industries  Inc.
8.1.3 NewAge  Industries  Inc.  Products  Portfolio
8.1.4 NewAge  Industries  Inc.  Financial  Overview
8.1.5 NewAge  Industries  Inc.  News/Recent  Developments
8.2 Dow  Corning  Corporation
8.2.1 Dow  Corning  Corporation  Overview
8.2.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in    Dow  Corning  Corporation
8.2.3 Dow  Corning  Corporation  Products  Portfolio
8.2.4 Dow  Corning  Corporation  Financial  Overview
8.2.5 Dow  Corning  Corporation  News/Recent  Developments
8.3 TBL  Performance  Plastics
8.3.1 TBL  Performance  Plastics  Overview
8.3.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  TBL  Performance  Plastics
8.3.3 TBL  Performance  Plastics  Products  Portfolio
8.3.4 TBL  Performance  Plastics  Financial  Overview
8.3.5 TBL  Performance  Plastics  News/Recent  Developments
8.4 Cole-Parmer  Instrument  Company,  LLC
8.4.1 Cole-Parmer  Instrument  Company,  LLC  Overview
8.4.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  Cole-Parmer  Instrument  Company,  LLC
8.4.3 Cole-Parmer  Instrument  Company,  LLC  Products  Portfolio
8.4.4 Cole-Parmer  Instrument  Company,  LLC  Financial  Overview
8.4.5 Cole-Parmer  Instrument  Company,  LLC  News/Recent  Developments
8.5 Tubes  International
8.5.1 Tubes  International  Overview
8.5.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  Tubes  International
8.5.3 Tubes  International  Products  Portfolio
8.5.4 Tubes  International  Financial  Overview
8.5.5 Tubes  International  News/Recent  Developments
8.6 Trelleborg  AB
8.6.1 Trelleborg  AB  Overview
8.6.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  Trelleborg  AB
8.6.3 Trelleborg  AB  Products  Portfolio
8.6.4 Trelleborg  AB  Financial  Overview
8.6.5 Trelleborg  AB  News/Recent  Developments
8.7 Parker-Hannifin  Corp.
8.7.1 Parker-Hannifin  Corp.  Overview
8.7.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  Parker-Hannifin  Corp.
8.7.3 Parker-Hannifin  Corp.  Products  Portfolio
8.7.4 Parker-Hannifin  Corp.  Financial  Overview
8.7.5 Parker-Hannifin  Corp.  News/Recent  Developments
8.8 Saint-Gobain  Performance  Plastics
8.8.1 Saint-Gobain  Performance  Plastics  Overview
8.8.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  Saint-Gobain  Performance  Plastics
8.8.3 Saint-Gobain  Performance  Plastics  Products  Portfolio
8.8.4 Saint-Gobain  Performance  Plastics  Financial  Overview
8.8.5 Saint-Gobain  Performance  Plastics  News/Recent  Developments
8.9 Thermo  Fisher  Scientific  Inc.
8.9.1 Thermo  Fisher  Scientific  Inc.  Overview
8.9.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  Thermo  Fisher  Scientific  Inc.
8.9.3 Thermo  Fisher  Scientific  Inc.  Products  Portfolio
8.9.4 Thermo  Fisher  Scientific  Inc.  Financial  Overview
8.9.5 Thermo  Fisher  Scientific  Inc.  News/Recent  Developments
8.10 Venair
8.10.1 Venair  Overview
8.10.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  Venair
8.10.3 Venair  Products  Portfolio
8.10.4 Venair  Financial  Overview
8.10.5 Venair  News/Recent  Developments
8.11 Nordson  Medical  Corporation
8.11.1 Nordson  Medical  Corporation  Overview
8.11.2 Key  Stakeholders/Person  in  Nordson  Medical  Corporation
8.11.3 Nordson  Medical  Corporation  Products  Portfolio
8.11.4 Nordson  Medical  Corporation  Financial  Overview
8.11.5 Nordson  Medical  Corporation  News/Recent  Developments
TABLE 1 Market Snapshot: Global Platinum Silicone Tubing & Hose Market Value
TABLE 2 Global Platinum Silicone Tubing & Hose Market, by Type, 2016-2026 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 3 Global Platinum Silicone Tubing & Hose Market, by End-user, 2016-2026 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 4 Global Platinum Silicone Tubing & Hose Market, by Region, 2016-2026 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 5 North America Platinum Silicone Tubing & Hose Market, by Type, 2016-2026 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 6 North America Platinum Silicone Tubing & Hose Market, by End-user, 2016-2026 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 7 Europe Platinum Silicone Tubing & Hose Market, by Type, 2016-2026 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 8 Europe Platinum Silicone Tubing & Hose Market, by End-user, 2016-2026 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 9 Asia Pacific Platinum Silicone Tubing & Hose Market, by Type, 2016-2026 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 10 Asia Pacific Platinum Silicone Tubing & Hose Market, by End-user, 2016-2026 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 11 Rest of The World Platinum Silicone Tubing & Hose Market, by Type, 2016-2026 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 12 Rest of The World Platinum Silicone Tubing & Hose Market, by End-user, 2016-2026 (US$ Mn)
TABLE 13 Top 5 Players Comparison
TABLE 14 Market Players Mapping – By Type
TABLE 15 Top Players Market Mapping – By End-user
TABLE 16 Top Players Market Mapping – By Region
TABLE 17 Strategies Adopted by Key Market Players
TABLE 18 Mergers & Acquisitions, Partnership, New Product Developments
TABLE 19 NewAge Industries Inc. Overview
TABLE 20 Key Stakeholders/Person in NewAge Industries Inc.
TABLE 21 NewAge Industries Inc. Product Portfolio
TABLE 22 NewAge Industries Inc. News/Recent Developments
TABLE 23 Dow Corning Corporation Overview
TABLE 24 Key Stakeholders/Person in Dow Corning Corporation
TABLE 25 Dow Corning Corporation Product Portfolio
TABLE 26 Dow Corning Corporation News/Recent Developments
TABLE 27 TBL Performance Plastics Overview
TABLE 28 Key Stakeholders/Person in TBL Performance Plastics
TABLE 29 TBL Performance Plastics Product Portfolio
TABLE 30 TBL Performance Plastics News/Recent Developments
TABLE 31 Cole-Parmer Instrument Company, LLC Overview
TABLE 32 Key Stakeholders/Person in Cole-Parmer Instrument Company, LLC
TABLE 33 Cole-Parmer Instrument Company, LLC Product Portfolio
TABLE 34 Cole-Parmer Instrument Company, LLC News/Recent Developments
TABLE 35 Tubes International Overview
TABLE 36 Key Stakeholders/Person in Tubes International
TABLE 37 Tubes International Product Portfolio
TABLE 38 Tubes International News/Recent Developments
TABLE 39 Trelleborg AB Overview
TABLE 40 Key Stakeholders/Person in Trelleborg AB
TABLE 41 Trelleborg AB Product Portfolio
TABLE 42 Trelleborg AB News/Recent Developments
TABLE 43 Parker-Hannifin Corp. Overview
TABLE 44 Key Stakeholders/Person in Parker-Hannifin Corp.
TABLE 45 Parker-Hannifin Corp. Product Portfolio
TABLE 46 Parker-Hannifin Corp. News/Recent Developments
TABLE 47 Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Overview
TABLE 48 Key Stakeholders/Person in Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
TABLE 49 Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Product Portfolio
TABLE 50 Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics News/Recent Developments
TABLE 51 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Overview
TABLE 52 Key Stakeholders/Person in Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
TABLE 53 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Product Portfolio
TABLE 54 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. News/Recent Developments
TABLE 55 Venair Overview
TABLE 56 Key Stakeholders/Person in Venair
TABLE 57 Venair Product Portfolio
TABLE 58 Venair News/Recent Developments
TABLE 59 Nordson Medical Corporation Overview
TABLE 60 Key Stakeholders/Person in Nordson Medical Corporation
TABLE 61 Nordson Medical Corporation Product Portfolio
TABLE 62 Nordson Medical Corporation News/Recent Developments
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