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IoT Enable Industrial Valves Market Insights (2017-2023)...

IoT Enable Industrial Valves Market Insights (2017-2023)

Report code: SDMRSE60543 | Industry: Semiconductors | Published On: 10/19/2018

Industrial valves are used in nearly all industry verticals. Key end use industries of valves are oil & gas, water & wastewater, energy & power, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, healthcare, pulp & paper, mining and building & construction. Generally, valves are used in these industry verticals to monitor and regulate media flow passing through various processes. As these media are backbone of above mentioned industry verticals, valve plays an important role to utilize these medias optimally. Integration of IoT in valves industry could be beneficial to implement predictive maintenance in mainstream operations of these end use industry verticals. Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) operations of industrial plants could also use IoT enabled valves to minimise their operation expenditure (OPEX). IoT enabled valves will also help industry players to minimise their plant downtime by 24X7 valve monitoring.
In adoption of IoT enabled valves reliability factor of end use industry players is extremely crucial factor. At present, oil & gas, mining and energy & power end use industry vertical players are reluctant to use IoT enabled valves, due to chances of data theft and fraudulent handling of key processes of plant. Increasing incidences of cyber thefts is posing strong hurdle for IoT enabled valves to prove their usability in mainstream operations. However, increasing focus of key industry players like Metso and Emerson on strengthening cyber gateways will help this market to grow in upcoming years.
Adoption of IoT enabled valves will change the dynamics of industrial valve market. This industry is product driven from its inception. Contribution of service offerings in industrial valve market is expected to increase after penetration of IoT enabled valves. Services like monitoring, data analysis and wireless infrastructure maintenance and deployment will disrupt industrial valve market in next 5 years. Amalgamation of valve industry players and IoT service providers will be an interesting trend to analyse in this market space after 2022.
North America will be early adopter of IoT enabled valves. Strong foothold of chemicals, oil & gas, energy & power, pharmaceuticals and mining end use industry vertical will help this region to dominate this market space for next 4 years. However, after 2022 APAC will surpass North America in this market owing to huge production capacities of China and India for crucial markets like pharmaceuticals, mining and chemicals. Middle East will most important region to promote IoT enabled valves in oil & gas industry. Key players like Saudi Aramco and Qatar Petroleum will play crucial role in driving the adoption of IoT enabled valves in oil & gas industry.

1.  Introduction  
a.  Objectives  of  the  study
b.  Market  definition
c.  Research  scope  
i.  Detailed  segmentation  
ii.  Base  year,  historic  year,  forecast  year  
d.  Audience  of  the  study  
e.  Limitations
2.  Research  methodology  
a.  Secondary  sources
b.  Primary  sources
i.  Primary  respondent  breakdown  
ii.  Key  opinion  leader  thoughts  
iii.  Cover  Story  –  Primary  Interview  Transcript
c.  Market  number  estimation  
i.  Base  year  
ii.  Forecast
iii.  Growth  Rate  
iv.  Year-On-Year  Growth  Trend
d.  Data  Triangulation  
e.  Key  Assumption
3.  Executive  Summary  
4.  Report  Glimpse  
a.  Infographics
b.  Global  Market  Tables
5.  Qualitative  Analysis
a.  Introduction  
b.  Key  Market  Trends  
c.  Market  Overview  
i.  Drivers
ii.  Restraints
iii.  Opportunities
iv.  Challenges
d.  PEST  Analysis  
e.  Porter  Analysis
f.  Value  Chain  Analysis
g.  Market  pain-point  impact  analysis
h.  Key  investment  pockets  of  IoT  enable  valves  market  
6.  Competitive  Landscape
a.  Introduction
b.  Company  Profiles  
i.  Metso  
ii.  Emerson
iii.  Pentair
iv.  Cameron-Schlumberger  
v.  Weir
vi.  Flowserve
vii.  Other  Important  Players
c.  Competitive  Intelligence
i.  Market  Share/Ranking  
ii.  Key  strategies  adopted  by  industry  players
iii.    Key  industry  players  benchmarking
a)  By  products
b)  By  geographic  presence
c)  By  Strategic  initiatives
iv.  Conclusion  
7.  Quantitative  Analysis  
a.  Market  sizing  and  revenue  opportunity  analysis  (2017-2023)
i.  IoT  enable  Industrial    valves  market  by  valve  type
a)  Ball  Valve
b)  Needle  Valve
c)  Check  Valve
d)  Globe  Valve
e)  Gate  Valve
f)  Butterfly  Valve
g)  Diaphragm  Valve
h)  Check  Valve
i)  Others
ii.  IoT  enable  Industrial  valves  market  by  end  use  industries  
a)  Oil  &  Gas
b)  Power
c)  Chemicals
d)  Electronics  &  Semiconductors  
e)  Pharmaceuticals
f)  Food  &  Beverages
g)  Medical
h)  Water  &  Wastewater
i)  Others
iii.  IoT  enable  Industrial  valves  market  by  geography
a)  North  America
a.  US
b.  Canada
c.  Mexico
b)  Europe
a.  UK
b.  Russia
c.  Germany
d.  Italy
e.  France  
f.  Others
c)  APAC
a.  China
b.  India
c.  South  Korea
d.  Taiwan
e.  Others
d)  Middle  East
e)  South  America
f)  Africa
1. Introduction
a. Objectives of the study
b. Market definition
c. Research scope
i. Detailed segmentation
ii. Base year, historic year, forecast year
d. Audience of the study
e. Limitations
2. Research methodology
a. Secondary sources
b. Primary sources
i. Primary respondent breakdown
ii. Key opinion leader thoughts
iii. Cover Story – Primary Interview Transcript
c. Market number estimation
i. Base year
ii. Forecast
iii. Growth Rate
iv. Year-On-Year Growth Trend
d. Data Triangulation
e. Key Assumption
3. Executive Summary
4. Report Glimpse
a. Infographics
b. Global Market Tables
5. Qualitative Analysis
a. Introduction
b. Key Market Trends
c. Market Overview
i. Drivers
ii. Restraints
iii. Opportunities
iv. Challenges
d. PEST Analysis
e. Porter Analysis
f. Value Chain Analysis
g. Market pain-point impact analysis
h. Key investment pockets of IoT enable valves market
6. Competitive Landscape
a. Introduction
b. Company Profiles
i. Metso
ii. Emerson
iii. Pentair
iv. Cameron-Schlumberger
v. Weir
vi. Flowserve
vii. Other Important Players
c. Competitive Intelligence
i. Market Share/Ranking
ii. Key strategies adopted by industry players
iii. Key industry players benchmarking
a) By products
b) By geographic presence
c) By Strategic initiatives
iv. Conclusion
7. Quantitative Analysis
a. Market sizing and revenue opportunity analysis (2017-2023)
i. IoT enable Industrial valves market by valve type
a) Ball Valve
b) Needle Valve
c) Check Valve
d) Globe Valve
e) Gate Valve
f) Butterfly Valve
g) Diaphragm Valve
h) Check Valve
i) Others
ii. IoT enable Industrial valves market by end use industries
a) Oil & Gas
b) Power
c) Chemicals
d) Electronics & Semiconductors
e) Pharmaceuticals
f) Food & Beverages
g) Medical
h) Water & Wastewater
i) Others
iii. IoT enable Industrial valves market by geography
a) North America
a. US
b. Canada
c. Mexico
b) Europe
a. UK
b. Russia
c. Germany
d. Italy
e. France
f. Others
a. China
b. India
c. South Korea
d. Taiwan
e. Others
d) Middle East
e) South America
f) Africa
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