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Adhesives Sealants Market

Adhesives & Sealants Market by Type (Hotmelt, Polymer Dispersion, Reactive adhesives, Water Soluble Polymers), By Application (Construction, Transportation, Consumer and Others)- Global Market Trends and Industry Forecasts Upto 2023

Report code: SDMRCH9576 | Industry: Chemicals & Materials | Published On: 3/6/2018

The total adhesives & sealants market is expected to reach 70 billion by the end of 2023 growing at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2018-2023. The major factors contributing towards the growth are use of adhesives & sealants in various applications, continuous R&D to develop new products, and increasing automotive production are some of the factors driving the adhesives & sealants market.
Asia-Pacific region has been dominating the adhesives & sealants market in 2018 and is expected to continue to account for the major market through 2023, followed by Europe and North America. China will continue to capture the largest share in the next five years mainly due to high demand of adhesives & sealants from construction, healthcare, automotive, and consumer products.
The various applications of adhesives are paper, board & related products transportation, footwear, consumer, building and construction, woodworking and others. The various applications of sealants covered in this market are construction, transportation, consumers, assembly, and others
Companies are adopting various strategies by creating competitive advantage by capturing new technologies, and leverage more and more customized products to cater various industry segments. For instance, in 2017, Ashland has developed two innovative pressure sensitive adhesives for various demanding application such as foil tape and medical applications.
Some of the major companies in the North America market are 3M, Ashland Chemical, BASF, Bemis (MACtac), Bostik, Chemence, Craig Adhesives and Coatings, Dow Automotive, Dow Corning, Franklin International, H.B. Fuller, Henkel Corporation and others. We have covered 40+ players from North American region. Similarly, various players from each region have studied individually. We have profiled around 300+ players in adhesives & sealants market globally.

Report Highlights
1. We have analysed 50 countries for each type of adhesives & sealant
2. Each type of adhesive and sealant is further analysed by chemistry and industry
3. Detailed analysis of country wise growth drivers such as end use industry growth, macroeconomic and demographic indicators
4. More than 300+ producers of adhesive and sealants have been profiled in this report. Approximately 240 belong to China; capacity data for most of the players have been verified.
Market share analysis across North America, Europe, APAC & Rest of the World

Report Scope
The research of adhesives and sealants market mainly focuses the 50 countries across North America, South America, Europe, Asia pacific and Rest of the World covering:
 Adhesives & sealants market (2016, 2017 to 2022) by technology, chemistry and end use industry (country level analysis will be done for more than 50 countries across NA, WE, CEE, LatAm, APAC & MEA)

Samples (Please note the samples are not exhaustive in nature)
Brief Company Profile – Shandong Beifang Xiandai Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.
Company Name: Shandong Beifang Xiandai Chemical Industry Company Limited
Address: Xinchengzhuang, Tianqiao District, Jinan City Shangdong (250033)
Director: Kong Lingsheng

1.  Introduction
1.1.  Goal  &  Objective
1.2.  Report  Coverage
1.3.  Supply  Side  Data  Modelling  &  Methodology
1.4.  Demand  Side  Data  Modelling  &  Methodology

2.  Executive  Summary

3.  Market  Outlook    
3.1.  Introduction
3.2.  Current  &  Future  Outlook
3.3.  DROC
3.3.1.  Drivers
3.3.2.  Restraints
3.3.3.  Opportunities
3.3.4.  Challenges
3.4.  Market  Entry  Matrix
3.5.  Market  Opportunity  Analysis
3.6.  Market  Regulations
3.7.  Pricing  Mix
3.8.  Key  Customers  
3.9.  Value  Chain  &  Ecosystem
3.10.  Macroeconomic  Indicators
3.10.1.  GDP  for  Major  Countries
3.10.2.  Construction  Industry  Analysis
3.10.3.  Oil  &  Gas  Industry  Analysis
3.10.4.  Automotive  Industry  Analysis
3.10.5.  Healthcare  Industry  Analysis  

4.  Demand  Market  Analysis
4.1.  Adhesives  Market,  By  Type
4.1.1.  Natural  Polymers  Adhesive  By  chemistry  Protein  Animal  Glues  Vegetable  By  industry  Paper,  board  &  related  products  Transportation  Footwear  Consumer  Building  and  construction  Woodworking  Assembly  Others
4.1.2.  Hotmelt  adhesives  By  Chemistry  Polyolefin  EVA  Polyamide  Saturated  Polyester  Resin  Styrene  Block  Copolymers  Polyurethane  Others  By  industry  Paper,  board  &  related  products  Transportation  Footwear  Consumer  Building  and  construction  Woodworking  Assembly  Others
4.1.3.  Polymer  dispersion  and  emulsion  By  Chemistry  EVA  based  Vinyl  Acetate  Based  Natural  rubber  SBR  Acrylic  PU  Others  By  industry  Paper,  board  &  related  products  Transportation  Footwear  Consumer  Building  and  construction  Woodworking  Assembly  Others
4.1.4.  Solvent  Based  Adhesive  Analysis  By  chemistry  Polychloroprene  Polyurethane  Block  copolymers  Natural  &  Synthetic  Rubbers  Others  By  industry  Paper,  board  &  related  products  Transportation  Footwear  Consumer  Building  and  construction  Woodworking  Assembly  Others  
4.1.5.  Reactive  Analysis  By  chemistry  Epoxy  PU  Saturated  Polyester  Radiation  Cure  Acrylics  Formaldehyde  Others  By  industry  Paper,  board  &  related  products  Transportation  Footwear  Consumer  Building  and  construction  Woodworking  Assembly  Others
4.1.6.  Water  soluble  polymers  based  adhesives  By  chemistry  Polyvinyl  Alcohol  Cellulosics  Others  By  industry  Paper,  board  &  related  products  Transportation  Footwear  Consumer  Building  and  construction  Woodworking  Assembly  Others

5.  Sealants  Market,  by  Type
5.1.  Oil-base  caulks  by  market  segments
5.1.1.  Construction
5.1.2.  Transportation
5.1.3.  Consumer
5.1.4.  Assembly
5.1.5.  Others
5.2.  Latex  acrylic  sealants  by  market  segments
5.2.1.  Construction
5.2.2.  Transportation
5.2.3.  Consumer
5.2.4.  Assembly
5.2.5.  Others
5.3.  Polyvinyl  acetate  caulks  by  market  segments
5.3.1.  Construction
5.3.2.  Transportation
5.3.3.  Consumer
5.3.4.  Assembly
5.3.5.  Others
5.4.  Butyl  sealants  by  market  segments
5.4.1.  Construction
5.4.2.  Transportation
5.4.3.  Consumer
5.4.4.  Assembly
5.4.5.  Others
5.5.  Polysulfides  by  market  segments
5.5.1.  Construction
5.5.2.  Transportation
5.5.3.  Consumer
5.5.4.  Assembly
5.5.5.  Others
5.6.  Urethanes  by  market  segments
5.6.1.  Construction
5.6.2.  Transportation
5.6.3.  Consumer
5.6.4.  Assembly
5.6.5.  Others
5.7.  Silane  Modified  Polymers  by  market  segments
5.7.1.  Construction
5.7.2.  Transportation
5.7.3.  Consumer
5.7.4.  Assembly
5.7.5.  Others
5.8.  Silicones  by  market  segments
5.8.1.  Construction
5.8.2.  Transportation
5.8.3.  Consumer
5.8.4.  Assembly
5.8.5.  Others

6.  Adhesives  &  Sealants  Market,  By  Region
6.1.  North  America
6.1.1.  U.S.
6.1.2.  Canada
6.1.3.  Mexico
6.2.  Western  Europe  
6.2.1.  Austria
6.2.2.  Belgium
6.2.3.  Netherlands
6.2.4.  France
6.2.5.  Germany
6.2.6.  Britain
6.2.7.  Italy
6.2.8.  Denmark
6.2.9.  Finland
6.2.10.  Norway
6.2.11.  Sweden
6.2.12.  Spain  
6.2.13.  Portugal
6.2.14.  Switzerland
6.2.15.  Greece
6.2.16.  Ireland
6.3.  Western  Europe  
6.3.1.  Hungary
6.3.2.  Czech  Republic
6.3.3.  Slovakia
6.3.4.  Turkey
6.3.5.  Belarus
6.3.6.  Ukraine
6.3.7.  Bulgaria
6.3.8.  Croatia
6.3.9.  Romania
6.4.  Asia-Pacific
6.4.1.  China  
6.4.2.  Japan  
6.4.3.  India  
6.4.4.  South  Korea  
6.4.5.  Taiwan  
6.4.6.  Vietnam  
6.4.7.    Indonesia  
6.4.8.    Malaysia  
6.4.9.    Thailand  
6.4.10.    Philippines  
6.4.11.    Singapore  
6.4.12.  Rest  of  the  world  
6.5.  Middle  East  &  Africa    
6.5.1.  Saudi  Arabia
6.5.2.  UAE
6.5.3.  Others  
6.6.  Africa    
6.6.1.  South  Africa  
6.6.2.  Uganda  
6.6.3.  Botswana  
6.6.4.  Others  

7.  Supply  Market  Analysis
7.1.  Strategic  Benchmarking
7.2.  Market  Share  Analysis
7.3.  Key  Players      
7.3.1.  Company  introduction  SWOT  analysis  Financials  Revenue  from  Adhesive  &  Sealants  Employee  R&D  details  Products  offerings  Adhesives  &  sealants  Other  products  Plant  locations    
7.3.2.  Details  of  adhesives  &  sealants  plant  Installed  capacity  of  adhesives  &  sealants  Capacity  expansion  plans  Capacity  shares    
7.4.  Strategic  imperatives    
7.5.  Key  Players  (Company  Snapshot,  Product  Portfolio,  Financials,  and  Strategic  Analysis)  
7.5.1.  North  America  (35+  companies  covered  in  the  report  from  North  American  region)    3M    ADCO  Global    Ashland  Chemical    Avery  Dennison  Chemence  Craig  Adhesives  and  Coatings  and  Others
7.5.2.  Europe  (30+  companies  covered  in  the  report  from  North  American  region)    Dow  Automotive  Systems  (30+  companies  covered  in  the  report  from  Europe)  Dymax    Ems-EFTEC    Evonik    Forbo    H.B.  Fuller    Henkel  Technologies    Huntsman  Advanced  Materials
7.5.3.  South  America  (25+  companies  covered  from  South  America)  3M  do  Brasil  Amazonas  Quimicam  Ltda.  Amino  Artecola  Bertoncini  Indústrias  Químicas  Ltda.
7.5.4.  Asia-Pacific  (40+  players  have  been  profiled)  AICA  Kogyo  Co.,  Ltd.  Alteco  Co.,  Ltd.  Auto  Chemical  Industry  Co.,  Ltd.  Axia  Korea  (Alteco  Korea)  Cemedine  Co.,  Ltd.  Chemitec  Co.,  Ltd.  Dainichiseika  &  Color  Co.,  Ltd.  Denki  Kagaku  Kogyo  K.K.  DIC  Corporation  Dongbu  Fine  Chemicals  Co.,  Ltd.  Eternal  Chemical  Co.,  Ltd.  Great  Eastern  Resins  Industrial  Co.,  Ltd  
7.5.5.  China  Players  (More  than  100  China  players  have  been  profiled)  Anhui  Wuhu  Xingguang  Synthetic  Material  Co.Ltd  Anqiu  City  Lu  'an  Pharmaceutical  Co.  ,Ltd.  Beijing  Beihua  Fine  Chemicals  Beijing  City  Dajjaoting  Adhesive  Factory  Beijing  City  Juhuan  Chemical  Co.  Ltd.  Beijing  City  Miyun  County  Feng-feng  Cement  Material  Factory  Beijing  City  Tianshan  New  Material  Technology  Co.  Ltd.  &  Others

SDMR employs a three way data triangulation approach to arrive at market estimates. We use primary research, secondary research and data triangulation by top down and bottom up approach


Secondary Research:
Our research methodology involves in-depth desk research using various secondary sources. Data is gathered from association/government publications/databases, company websites, press releases, annual reports/presentations/sec filings, technical papers, journals, research papers, magazines, conferences, tradeshows, and blogs.

Key Data Points through secondary research-
Macro-economic data points
Import Export data
Identification of major market trends across various applications
Primary understanding of the industry for both the regions
Competitors analysis for the production capacities, key production sites, competitive landscape
Key customers
Production Capacity
Pricing Scenario
Cost Margin Analysis

Key Data Points through primary research-
Major factors driving the market and its end application markets
Comparative analysis and customer analysis
Regional presence
Collaborations or tie-ups
Annual Production, and sales
Profit Margins
Average Selling Price

Data Triangulation:
Data triangulation is done using top down and bottom approaches. However, to develop accurate market sizing estimations, both the methodologies are used to accurately arrive at the market size. Insert Image
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