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Cold Chain Market in India 2021

Report code: SDMRAU1613660 | Industry: Automotive Transport & Logistics | Published On: 12/1/2022

Cold chains provide storage and distribution services for temperature-sensitive products. Depending on the nature and purpose of storage applications cold chains have been categorized as frozen (< -18℃) chilled (ranging between 0℃ and 10℃) mild chilled (ranging from 10℃ to 20℃) and normal (>20℃) storage.

Market insights:
The cold chain market in India was valued at INR 1.54 Trn in 2020 and is expected to reach INR 4.09 Trn by 2026 expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~17.80% during the 2021 – 2026 period. Increasing demand for cold storage facilities from the food healthcare and retail sectors and the evolving lifestyle of consumers mainly in terms of food habits and awareness about wellness are the significant factors fueling the growth of the cold chain market in India. Also several initiatives undertaken by the Indian government have helped to develop and improve cold chain systems in India and provide an impetus to the market. In 2020 the Indian government approved 27 integrated cold chain development projects under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan SAMPADA Yojana. However the high operating costs of cold chains and lack of standardization are some of the factors hindering market growth.

Segment insights:
Based on market component India's cold chain market is segmented into cold chain storage and cold chain logistics. As of 2020 the cold chain storage segment accounted for 44.50% of the total market share. By the end of 2025 the cold chain storage segment is expected to hold a share of around 44.79% of the overall market. Owing to the constant rise in demand from the retail and healthcare industries for temperature-controlled storage and transportation the market shares of both segments are expected to change marginally during the forecast period. Snowman Kool-ex Coldstar Gati Kausar and DHL Logistics are some of the leading players in the market which operate and manage both cold chain storage and logistics operations.

Impact of COVID-19:
The onset of the pandemic has aided the growth of the cold chain market in India. Apprehensions regarding contracting COVID-19 and the increasing demand for healthcare products and perishable food items are influencing the cold chain market in India. The increasing requirement for storage and transportation of COVID-19 vaccines has further propelled the growth of the market. Fruits and vegetables dairy products and animal products are the other market segments likely to have a moderate impact on the cold chain market in India.

Chapter  1:  Executive  summary

Chapter  2:  Socio-economic  indicators

Chapter  3:  Introduction
3.1.  Market  definition  and  structure
3.2.  Cold  chain  market  in  India  –  Value  chain

Chapter  4:  Market  overview
4.1.  Cold  chain  market  in  India  –  An  overview  
4.1.1.  Market  size  and  growth  forecast  based  on  value  (2019  –  2026e)

Chapter  5:  Market  segmentation
5.1.  Cold  chain  market  in  India  –  Segmentation
5.1.1.  India  cold  chain  market  share  based  on  market  component  (2019  and  2026e)
5.1.2.  India  chain  storage  market  size  and  growth  forecast  (2019  –  2026e)
5.1.3.  India  cold  chain  logistics  market  size  and  growth  forecast  (2019  –  2026e)
5.1.4.  Distribution  of  cold  storages  (September  2020)

Chapter  6:  COVID-19  impact  analysis
6.1.  COVID-19  impact  analysis

Chapter  7:  Market  influencers
7.1.  Market  drivers
7.2.  Market  challenges

Chapter  8:  Government  initiatives
8.1.  Government  initiatives  

Chapter  9:  Fiscal  opportunities  in  India
9.1.  Fiscal  opportunities  in  the  cold  chain  market

Chapter  10:  Market  trends
10.1.  Market  trends

Chapter  11:  Competitive  landscape
11.1.  Key  players  in  the  market
11.1.1.  Snowman  Logistics  Limited
-  Company  information
-  Business  description
-  Products/Services
-  Key  people
-  Financial  snapshot
-  Key  business  segments
-  Key  geographic  segments
*Similar  information  covered  for  all  other  public  companies
11.1.2.  Coldstar  Logistics  Private  Limited
11.1.3.  Crystal  Logistics  Cool  Chain  Limited
11.1.4.  Gati  Kausar  India  Limited
11.1.5.  Gubba  Cold  Storage  Private  Limited
11.1.6.  Kool-ex  Cold  Chain  Limited
11.1.7.  Seabird  Logisolutions  Limited
11.1.8  DHL  Logistics  Private  Limited
11.1.9.  Kuehne  +  Nagel  Private  Limited

Chapter  12:  Recent  Developments  
12.1.  Recent  developments

Chapter  13:  Appendix

13.1.  Research  methodology
13.2.  About  Netscribes
13.3.  Disclaimer

Companies  profiled
•Snowman  Logistics  Limited
•Coldstar  Logistics  Private  Limited
•Crystal  Logistics  Cool  Chain  Limited
•Gati  Kausar  India  Limited
•Gubba  Cold  Storage  Private  Limited
•Kool-ex  Cold  Chain  Limited
•Seabird  Logisolutions  Limited
•DHL  Logistics  Private  Limited
•Kuehne  +  Nagel  Private  Limited
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