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Global Rehabilitation Robots By Type Lower Extremity Upper Extremity Full-Body Exoskeletons Therapeutic Application Rehabilitation Centers Hospitals - Trends Forecasts Upto

Global Rehabilitation Robots By Type (Lower Extremity, Upper Extremity, Full-Body Exoskeletons, Therapeutic), Application (Rehabilitation Centers, Hospitals) - Trends & Forecasts Upto 2027

Report code: SDMRMA1646266 | Industry: Machinery & Equipment | Published On: 2022-08-30

The Global Rehabilitation Robots Market is estimated to be valued at USD 956.84 million in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 3081.64 million by 2027 expanding at a CAGR of 26.13% during the forecast period. The factors contributing towards the growth are rising prominence of robotics technology in-patient rehabilitation and therapy rising significance of rehabilitation robots for physical therapy of stroke survivors advancements in robotic technologies aging population with age related conditions drive demand for rehabilitation robots rise in osteoporosis & osteoarthritis cases driving the rehabilitation growth rise in neurological & musculoskeletal disorders contributing towards the market growth.

The report covers key vendors including market leaders and important emerging players. Global Rehabilitation Robots Market are Tyromotion GmbH Cyberdyne Inc. ReWalk Robotics Rex Bionics Ltd. Rehab-Robotics Company Limited Parker Hannifin Corp. Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc. Hocoma AG and other. Currently many players in the industry are focusing on launching new products such as BIONIK Laboratories launches InMotion Connect a cloud-based data analytics solution to meet the data connectivity and analytics needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide. Ekso Bionics unveils EVO a new lighter weight exoskeleton for construction.

Under the public background of the COVID-19 crisis the industry is being affected by COVID-19. It is currently impossible to accurately predict the degree of control of this epidemic in various countries and it is impossible to predict whether it will function normally for long-term economic activities.

The Rehabilitation Robots Market competitive landscape provides detailed and data information by companies. The report offers comprehensive analysis and accurate statistics on revenue by the player for the period 2022-2027. It also offers detailed analysis supported by reliable statistics on sale and revenue by players for the period 2022-2027. Details included are company description major business Rehabilitation Robots product introduction recent developments product range.

Global Rehabilitation Robots Market By Type 2022-2027
Lower Extremity
Upper Extremity
Full-Body Exoskeletons

Global Rehabilitation Robots Market Segment By Application 2022-2027
Rehabilitation Centers

Global Rehabilitation Robots Market Segment By Region 2022-2027
North America United States Canada Mexico
Europe UK France Germany Italy Spain Russia Rest of Europe
Asia Pacific China Japan South Korea India Australia Southeast Asia Rest of Asia Pacific
Latin America Brazil Argentina Peru Chile Rest of Latin America

Global Rehabilitation Robots Market Segment By Players 2022-2027
Corindus Inc.
Cyberdyne Inc.
Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc.
Hocoma AG
Parker Hannifin Corp.
Rehab-Robotics Company Limited
ReWalk Robotics
Rex Bionics Ltd.
Tyromotion GmbH
Axosuits Srl

Table  of  Contents
1.  Introduction  
1.1.  Key  Take-Aways  
1.2.  Report  Coverage  
1.2.1.  Global  Rehabilitation  Robots  Market  Segment  by  Type  
1.2.2.  Global  Rehabilitation  Robots  Market  Segment  by  Application  
1.2.3.  Global  Rehabilitation  Robots  Market  Segment  by  End  User  
1.2.4.  Global  Rehabilitation  Robots  Market  Segment  by  Region  
1.2.5.  Global  Rehabilitation  Robots  Market  Segment  by  Company*  
1.3.  Stakeholders  
1.4.  Research  Methodology  
1.4.1.  Research  Programs/Design  
1.4.2.  Market  Size  Estimation  Breakdown  and  Data  Triangulation  
1.4.3.  Data  Source  Secondary  Sources  Primary  Sources
2.  Global  Rehabilitation  Robots  Market  By  Type  
2.1.    Global  Rehabilitation  Robots  Market  By  Type  2022-2027  USD  Million      

3.  Global  Rehabilitation  Robots  Market  By  Application  
3.1.  Exoskeleton  Robots  
3.2.  Therapeutic  Robots  
3.3.  Assistive  Robots  
3.4.  Others  
3.5.  Global  Rehabilitation  Robots  Market  Revenue  By  Application  2022  -  2027  USD  Million  

4.  Global  Rehabilitation  Robots  Market  By  End-User  
4.1.  Rehabilitation  Centers  
4.2.  Hospitals  
4.3.  Other  
4.3.1.  Global  Rehabilitation  Robots  Market  By  End  User  2022  -  2027  USD  Million    

5.  Global  Rehabilitation  Robots  Market  By  Region  
5.1.  North  America  
5.1.1.  USA  
5.1.2.  CANADA  
5.1.3.  MEXICO                        
5.2.  Europe  
5.2.1.  U.K.  
5.2.2.  FRANCE  
5.2.3.  GERMANY
5.2.4.  ITALY  
5.2.5.  SPAIN  
5.2.6.  RUSSIA  
5.2.7.  REST  OF  EUROPE                    
5.3.  Asia  Pacific  
5.3.1.  CHINA  
5.3.2.  JAPAN  
5.3.3.  SOUTH  KOREA  
5.3.4.  INDIA  
5.3.5.  AUSTRALIA  
5.3.6.  SOUTH  EAST  ASIA  
5.3.7.  REST  OF  ASIA  PACIFIC                  
5.4.  Latin  America  
5.4.1.  BRAZIL  
5.4.2.  ARGENTINA  
5.4.3.  PERU  
5.4.4.  CHILE  
5.4.5.  REST  OF  LATIN  AMERICA                        
5.5.  Middle  East  &  Africa  
5.5.1.  SAUDI  ARABIA  
5.5.2.  UAE  
5.5.3.  TURKEY  
5.5.4.  SOUTH  AFRICA  
5.5.5.  NIGERIA  
5.5.6.  REST  OF  MIDDLE  EAST  &  AFRICA                

6.  Company  Profiles  
6.1.  Bionik  Laboratories  Corp.  
6.1.1.  Company  Overview  Company  Patents  Key  Contacts  
6.1.2.  Financial  Landscape  
6.1.3.  Product/Service  Landscape                  
6.2.  Bioxtreme  Ltd.  
6.2.1.  Company  Overview  Key  Contacts  
6.2.2.  Product  &  Services                      
6.3.  Corindus  Inc.
6.3.1.  Company  Overview  Key  Contacts  
6.3.2.  Product/Service  Landscape                          
6.4.  Cyberdyne  Inc  
6.4.1.  Company  Overview  Key  Contacts  
6.4.2.  Financial  Landscape  Revenue  by  geographical  regions  and  type  of  transactions  Unit:  Millions  of  Yen  Number  of  operating  units  Unit:  unit  Rental  Maintenance  Sales  Unit:  Millions  of  yen  Number  of  units  installed  to  APAC  Unit:  unit  Revenue  By  Segment  Unit:  Millions  of  Yen  Revenue  By  Geography  Unit:  Millions  of  Yen  
6.4.3.  Product/Service  Landscape                              
6.5.  Ekso  Bionics  Holdings  Inc.  
6.5.1.  Company  Overview  Key  Contacts  
6.5.2.  Financial  Landscape  
6.5.3.  Product/Service  Landscape                          
6.6.  Hocoma  AG  
6.6.1.  Company  Overview  Key  Contacts  Sales  and  Service  Partners  Americas  Europe  Asia  &  Australia  Africa  &  Middle  East  Product/Service  Landscape                  
6.7.  Parker  Hannifin  Corp.  
6.7.1.  Company  Overview  
6.7.2.  Financial  Landscape  
6.7.3.  Product/Service  Landscape                          
6.8.  Rehab-Robotics  Company  Limited  
6.8.1.  Company  Overview  Key  Contacts  
6.8.2.  Financial  Landscape  
6.8.3.  Product/Service  Landscape                      
6.9.  ReWalk  Robotics  
6.9.1.  Company  Overview  Key  Contacts  
6.9.2.  Financial  Landscape  
6.9.3.  Product/Service  Landscape                        
6.10.  Rex  Bionics  Ltd.  
6.10.1.  Company  Overview  Key  Contacts  
6.10.2.  Financial  Landscape  
6.10.3.  Product/Service  Landscape                            
6.11.  Tyromotion  GmbH  
6.11.1.  Company  Overview  Key  Contacts  
6.11.2.  Financial  Landscape  
6.11.3.  Product/Service  Landscape                        
6.12.  MOTORIKA  
6.12.1.  Company  Overview  Key  Contacts  
6.12.2.  Financial  Performance  
6.12.3.  Product  Portfolio  Details  on  company's  products  brands  will  be  provided    
6.13.  Alterg  
6.13.1.  Company  Overview  Key  Contacts  
6.13.2.  Financial  Performance  
6.13.3.  Product  Portfolio  Details  on  company's  products  brands  will  be  provided    
6.14.  Assistive-Innovations  
6.14.1.  Company  Overview  Key  Contacts  
6.14.2.  Financial  Performance  
6.14.3.  Product  Portfolio  Details  on  company's  products  brands  will  be  provided    
6.15.  AITreat  
6.15.1.  Company  Overview  
6.15.2.  Financial  Performance  
6.15.3.  Product  Portfolio  Details  on  company's  products  brands  will  be  provided    
6.16.  Aretech  
6.16.1.  Company  Overview  Key  Contacts  
6.16.2.  Financial  Performance  
6.16.3.  Product  Portfolio  Details  on  company's  products  brands  will  be  provided  
6.16.4.  List  of  Distributors                                
6.17.  AxoSuits  SRL  
6.17.1.  Company  Overview  Key  Contacts
6.17.2.  Product  Portfolio  Details  on  company's  products  brands  will  be  provided    
6.18.  Bamateknoloji  
6.18.1.  Company  Overview  
6.18.2.  Financial  Performance  
6.18.3.  Product  Portfolio  Details  on  company's  products  brands  will  be  provided    
6.19.  Barrett  
6.19.1.  Company  Overview  Key  Contacts  
6.19.2.  Financial  Performance  
6.19.3.  Product  Portfolio  Details  on  company's  products  brands  will  be  provided
6.20.  Biodex  
6.20.1.  Company  Overview  Key  Contacts  
6.20.2.  Financial  Performance  
6.20.3.  Product  Portfolio  Details  on  company's  products  brands  will  be  provided    
6.21.  Bioness  
6.21.1.  Company  Overview  Key  Contacts  
6.21.2.  Product  Portfolio  Details  on  company's  products  brands  will  be  provided  

7.  Competitive  Landscape

8.  Market  Overview  
8.1.  Introduction  
8.2.  Rehabilitation  Robots  Market  Forecast  Under  COVID-19  
8.3.  Coronavirus  Disease  2019  Covid-19  Impact  Will  Have  a  Severe  Impact  on  Global  Growth
8.4.  Market  Overview  
8.4.1.  Introduction  
8.4.2.  Market  Drivers  Rising  Prominence  of  Robotics  Technology  in  Patient  Rehabilitation  and  Therapy  Rising  Significance  of  Rehabilitation  Robots  for  Physical  Therapy  of  Stroke  Survivors  Advancements  In  Robotic  Technologies  Aging  population  with  Age  related  conditions  drive  demand  for  rehabilitation  robots  Rise  in  Osteoporosis  &  Osteoarthritis  cases:  Driving  the  Rehabilitation  Growth  Rise  in  Neurological  &  Musculoskeletal  Disorders  contributing  towards  the  market  growth
8.4.3.  Restraints  Lack  Of  Awareness  and  Access  to  Rehabilitation  Services  in  Emerging  Markets  
8.4.4.  Opportunities  Growth  Potential  in  Emerging  Countries  
8.5.  Porter’s  Five  Forces  Analysis                  

9.  Rehabilitation  Robots  Market  Marketing  Channel  Distributors  Customers  and  Supply  Chain
9.1.  Marketing  Channel
This research study incorporates the usage of extensive secondary sources, directories, and databases such as Hoovers, Factiva, Bloomberg Business week, and OneSource to identify and collect information useful for the technical, market-oriented, and commercial study of the Rehabilitation Robots Market. In-depth interviews were conducted with various primary respondents that include key industry participants, C-level executives of the key market players, subject matter experts (SMEs), and industry consultants to obtain and verify critical quantitative and qualitative information, as well as to assess the future market prospects. Secondary research was conducted to obtain key information about the industry’s supply chain, market’s value chain, key players, geographic markets, and key developments across market and technology-oriented perspectives. Trade analysis was conducted to analyze the import and export data of key countries and regions from various government and paid databases.

Top-down and bottom-up approaches are used to validate the Rehabilitation Robots Market size and estimate the market size for company, regions segments, product segments and sales channel.
Market estimations in this report are based on the marketed sale price of Rehabilitation Robots (excluding any discounts provided by the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler or traders). The market share, percentage splits, and breakdowns of the product type segments are derived based on weightages assigned to each of the segments on the basis of their utilization rate and average sale price (ASP). The regional splits of the overall Rehabilitation Robots Market and its sub-segments are based on the percentage adoption or utilization of the given product in the respective region or country.
Major Companies in the market is identified through secondary research and their market revenues determined through primary and secondary research. Secondary research included the research of the annual and financial reports of the top Company; whereas, primary research included extensive interviews and discussions of industry experts and key opinion leaders, such as CEOs, directors, and marketing executives. The market share, percentage splits, growth rate and breakdowns of the product types are determined through secondary sources and verified through the primary sources.
All possible factors that influence the markets included in this research study have been viewed in detail, verified through primary research, and analyzed to get the final qualitative and quantitative data. The market size for top-level markets and sub-segments is normalized. Effect of inflation, regulatory & policy changes, economic downturns, or other factors are not accounted for in the market forecast. This data is combined and added with detailed inputs and analysis from SDMR and presented in this report.

After complete market engineering with calculations for market statistics and market forecasting, extensive primary research was conducted to gather information, verify, and validate the critical numbers arrived at. Both top-down and bottom-up approaches were used, along with several data triangulation methods, to perform market estimation and market forecasting for the overall market segments and sub segments listed in this report. Extensive qualitative and quantitative analysis was also done from all the data arrived at in the complete market engineering process.

Secondary sources include such as press releases, annual reports, non-profit organizations, industry associations, governmental agencies and customs data etc. This research study involves the usage of widespread secondary sources, directories, databases such as Bloomberg Business, Wind Info, Hoovers, Factiva (Dow Jones & Company), and Trading Economics, and News Network, statista, Federal Reserve Economic Data, annual reports, BIS Statistics, ICIS; company house documents; CAS (American Chemical Society); investor presentations; and SEC filings of companies. Secondary research was used to identify and collect information useful to study the technical, market-oriented, and commercial aspects of the Rehabilitation Robots Market. It was also used to obtain important information about the top companies, market classification and segmentation according to industry trends to the bottom-most level, and key developments related to market and technology perspectives.
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